Communist Cops Interrogate Pro 2nd Amendment Student Using Gestapo Tactics


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I just watched the most infuriating interview on the Carlson Tucker show that every American should be concerned about, especially parents of minor children.

Kyle Kashuv is one of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida High School Massacre and a face you have most likely seen, regardless of which side of the debate you are on, because he has pretty much been out under the spotlight alone in his age group defending the 2nd Amendment.

This past Friday the young Mr. Kashuv’s father took him to a shooting range as fathers in America have been doing for nearly 250 years, to receive some firearms safety instruction and weapons familiarization.

I don’t know what took his father so long, I had a BB Gun in my hands as far back as I can remember and fired my first .22 at the age of nine, but nonetheless, a responsible thing for this young man’s father to do with his son, especially with all of the whack jobs killing people these days.

When I was a kid I would strap my .22 rifle on my bike and head out through town to a secluded open area people used as a makeshift shooting range, everyone knew where I was going, but today kids use Twitter to keep people informed of their activities and that is exactly what Kyle Kashuv did.

While at the range his father shot some cell phone video of his son receiving instruction on the use of the AR15 and firing off a few magazines down range at a target. Kyle then posted the video to his Twitter account encouraging people to learn about their 2nd Amendment Rights and to be safe responsible gun owners. Nothing wrong with this right?

Well, the young Mr. Kyle goes to school on Monday morning thinking it was going to be another typical school day listening to boring teachers, when near the end of his third period class his teacher hands him a Hall Pass and tells him to report to the School Resource Officer.

What Mr. Kashuv describes after arriving at the School Resource Officers office should alarm and infuriate every American.

Once in the Resource Officers office he was seated directly in front of a man he came to earn was one Mr. Greenleaf. Kyle had never met him before, but he notes that he was an armed Resource Officer. 

Mr. Greenleaf began questioning Kyle continually calling him the “pro-Second Amendment kid.” Shortly after Mr. Greenleaf began questioning/antagonizing him, a second security officer entered the room placing a chair directly behind him and sitting down. Kyle says the two then continued questioning him in an antagonizing, condescending and rude manner asking about the guns he had been shooting, questioning him about his father, why he went to a shooting range, etc…

After these two had been interrogating, or rather more like intimidating him, a third man entered the room who was a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy. Kyle said the Deputy began asking him essentially the same questions the other two had been asking, so Kyle asked him if he could record the interview and received a harsh NO.

Kyle then asked the men if he had done anything wrong and got another NO. At that point he asked why he was there and one of them sharply responded, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

It’s a good thing he was talking to an intimidated kid, because the answer I would have given him would have been, yes, you chicken shit Resource Officers hid outside while someone killed 17 of my friends.

Kyle finishes up saying that he was treated like a criminal for having done nothing but going to the rifle range with his father and posting about it on social media.

Fortunately, the young Mr. Kashuv has gained the attention of national media in recent times and was not only about to make this unjust act known on social media, but he is able to get this information out to the general public all across this great land. I hope an attorney picks up on this and agrees to represent him pro bono to hold these Resource Officers and Broward County responsible.

Clearly these Resource Officers and the Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy are not aware of the most recent Supreme Court ruling wherein the Justices made it clear that the 1966 Miranda v.Arizona ruling also applied to children.

In fact Justice Sotomayor put it this way:

“It is beyond dispute that children will often feel bound to submit to police questioning when an adult in the same circumstances would feel free to leave,” Sotomayor said, adding that there was no reason “for police officers or courts to blind themselves to that commonsense reality.”

Now those with any law enforcement experience or lawyers reading this know that the law is never that simple and there were of course dissenting opinions. The dissenting opinions revolved around the idea that the ruling did not give enough guidance and was unnecessary because safeguards were already in place. Of course if those safeguards were working they would have never had the case of a 13-year-old North Carolina kid before them.

Issues of what constitutes an arrest and what constitutes and investigative stop also come into play in these situations and like anything attorneys can always argue a case either way. This gets into another Supreme Court case known as Terry v. Ohio… Many of you may have heard about it in regard to the so called “stop and frisk” controversies around the country in recent years.

There is a lot of other case law that deals with how long is a reasonable amount of time to investigate someone to determine if a crime has been committed, but this seems pretty simple… The officers detaining Kyle told him he had done nothing wrong, thus they acknowledged they had no reason to detain him for an investigation, yet they boxed him in so he could not leave and denied him the right to record the interview… That sounds like an arrest to me. A wrongful arrest!

This sort of behavior and conduct by government officials should NOT be tolerated in America and those who cross the line should be and need to be held accountable… Broward County has already gotten away with the murder of 18 kids… YES, 18 because the shooter will surely be put to death and they failed him over the years in the same way they failed the other students… Their neglect, arrogance, and on the day of the shooting cowardly acts resulted in the loss of all this young life that should have had many years ahead of them.

Instead, we end up with a bunch of kids being victimized by the liberal media and politicians trying to deprive law abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights while not one FBI agent, not one Broward County Law Enforcement Officer, not on Social Worker, not one school administrator has been held accountable for their failure to act when they should have… No, instead the NRA somehow has blood on their hands… Talk about the greatest magic trick of the century…

Hand in there Kyle Kashuv, don’t let them intimidate you and remember, you never have to say a word… They can ask all the questions they want, just don’t say anything… Except I want a lawyer!

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