Confused NFL Team Owner Rips Trump But Likes “Patriotic” Players…


The Carolina Panthers’ new owner David Tepper came to the defense of the NFL players’ protests during the national anthem, while trashing the President Donald Trump’s opposition on the matter — and made an odd statement about the president.

During an interview with On CNBC’s “Halftime”, Tepper said the center of interest should be the good that the players do for the community rather than the national anthem protests.

“These are some of the most patriotic people and best people. These are great young men,” Tepper said. “So to say that [they aren’t patriotic] makes me so aggravated and angry. It’s just wrong, it’s dead wrong.”

The kneeling commenced when former 49ers player, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during the national anthem as a way of protest of police brutality and racial inequality.

Trump has previously been outspoken in his disagreement with football players’ protest during the three-minute anthem.

Others have boycotted the NFL games, as well as South Florida police union, who boycotted the Miami Dolphins after players took a knee and one raised his fist during the anthem in the preseason opener.

Then, Tepper’s interview turned to the president, but instead referring to him by name, they called the president “Howdy-Doody.“

“There’s a red-headed guy in D.C. that likes to talk about it, but I don’t want to mention his name,” Tepper said.

One odd part — he stated Trump’s hair was red, when, in fact, it’s not.

Tepper recited the pledge of allegiance, calling it “one of the most patriotic things that you can do … it’s about justice for all.”

“Now listen, everybody’s standing this season, because I think people understand that it’s what you do in the community, it’s what you do out here,” Tepper said.

“You’ve got a lot of people that do a lot of good things. So I think maybe the league could do more, maybe they can maybe they can’t, saying how much good the players do,” Tepper said. “Get that message out more.”

Watch the interview below:

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