Congress FINALLY Has Enough Of Rod Rosenstein And Files Articles Of Impeachment

Congress FINALLY Has Enough Of Rod Rosenstein And Files Articles Of Impeachment

Holly Impeachment Proceedings Batman… It looks like Congress finally grew a pair!

Congress has finally taken action after a year of threats and delaying deadlines and filed Articles of Impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Articles were introduced by Congressman Mark Meadows, the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Congressman Jim Jordan, and nine other co-sponsors that have finally had enough of the Deputy Attorney General either refusing to release documents or being caught multiple times redacting information that was incriminating or embarrassing to the FBI. On a number of occasions, national security was cited as justification for redactions that were actually redacted to protect FBI corruption.

The Articles of Impeachment accuse the Deputy Attorney General of trying to prevent or hinder congressional oversite of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged interference of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Conservative lawmakers believe that the Department of Justice has been trying to make it look like the President was colluding with Russia, thus giving the appearance he is guilty of some heinous crime while downplaying the investigation into Killery’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

The Department of Justice has not commented directly about the Articles of Impeachment but claimed not long ago that they have responded to all request in the initial subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee and “most” request in the subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee.

In a statement released by Congressman Meadows and Congressman Jordan they said:

“Evidence continues to mount regarding the Department of Justice’s problematic decision-making during the 2016 campaign and conduct surrounding the transition to President Trump’s administration in 2017.”

“The failures cited within the articles include intentionally withholding embarrassing documents and information, knowingly hiding material investigative information from Congress, various abuses of the FISA process, and failure to comply with Congressional subpoenas, among others.”

Much of this has to do with the justification used for initiating an investigation against the Trump Campaign and how the FBI obtained a FISA Warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. The Republican lawmakers trying to sort everything out believe the infamous “Steele Dossier” that all of them have admitted was unverified oppositional research paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, was essentially the only supporting documentation used to obtain the warrant.

The liberal loons say that is BS and the highly redacted copy of the FISA Warrant application proves other information was presented to the court. What they don’t tell their mindless followers is the same thing they failed to tell the court… The other information used like articles published in the media were stories the author of the Dossier gave them. In other words, all of the additional information they cite came from the same person that compiled and authored the information in the Dossier…

The FISA Court was deceived into issuing a warrant to unleash every weapon in the country’s intelligence gathering arsenal to monitor the communications of Carter Page they claimed was a major player in Trump’s campaign. Carter Page was nothing but a stooge but every call, every text, every email he sent to anyone in the campaign was being gathered up and then the names were unmasked of those they did not have a warrant for… All of these people should be fitted for an orange jumpsuit and locked away for a long time.

In order for them to impeach the Deputy Attorney General they need only a simple majority in the Congress, then it would move forward to the Senate to conduct a trial. It would take a two-thirds vote in the Senate to actually boot him from his position and that’s not likely to happen unless the Republicans end up with a supermajority in November. Getting two-thirds of the Congress or the Senate to agree on where the front door is these days is not even possible.

Who knows, maybe it will get someones attention and they will recognize that regardless of what the practice has been regarding ongoing investigations, Congress has the Constitution on their side and their oversite authority is not limited to only when an investigation is over and given the evidence of corruption and deceit that has already been uncovered I think they are well within their right and duty to demand the information being requested.

William Belknap, the Secretary of War in 1876 is the only cabinet member in American history to be subjected to impeachment proceedings. The Senate acquitted him following his trial. It looks like Rod Rosenstein is making history.

Then again, I’m not sure if there has ever been another occasion in our history where someone served as the accuser, investigator, witness, prosecutor, and judge… And of course, he is also involved because he signed off on one of the FISA Warrant applications for renewal. I’d say the guy is more bulletproof than the Clintons ever were if he remains where he is. LOL

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