Congress Subpoenas FOX News Making Bizarre Allegations!

For politicians determined to wallow in the muck and dirt that is electoral politics at its most basic level, not publishing a salacious story about an adversary is plain and simply heresy. That may well be why Democrats in the House of Representatives reacted to a piece in the New Yorker that claimed Fox News sat on the alleged Stormy DanielsDonald Trump affair story rather than see “their” candidate go down.

Fox News, of course, denies that was the rationale for the decision not to publish the information.

An article in the New Yorker last month alleged that Fox News executive Ken LaCorte spiked the story to protect Trump — a claim LaCorte has vehemently denied, saying the story lacked corroborating evidence and that the network was merely practicing responsible journalism, as were other outlets who declined the story.

This did not stop partisan hacks in the House of Representatives from sending letters to the people who were at Fox at the time demanding to know why the story was “spiked.”

House Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzone last month demanding that she turn over any documents relating to Trump’s alleged extramarital affairs….

Falzone has said she will cooperate with the committee, despite an agreement with Fox that prevents her from speaking about the story. In an op-ed at Mediaite, LaCorte says he supports Falzone’s desire to talk about the story publicly, but that he will refuse to cooperate with the committee’s effort to exercise oversight over the free press.

LaCorte writes (original link):

Falzone’s lawyer announced that she would comply with the committee. I won’t.

If House Oversight can launch an investigation based on the ridiculous notion that publishing, or even more bizarrely not publishing, a story can be construed as an in-kind campaign contribution, then no journalist in America is safe from government intimidation. It’s a vast overreach of power, and I won’t have any part of it.

To be clear, I fully support Fox News lifting Falzone’s non-disclosure agreement so that she can make her case publicly, without leaks or lawyers. But neither editorial decisions nor joke writing should be a subject of government approval.

Apparently, the little tidbit that Fox was not the only news outlet to pass on the Stormy Daniels affair bears no real meaning here. Fox News is the target whether they were doing their jobs as they should be done or not.


  1. Cummings is a racist scumbag. His whole reason for being is to attack white people for PAST WRONGS. He does not represent anything but his constant yammering about racism. Do his constituents ever get anything for their vote? No just more ego from this very ordinary man.

  2. they have oversight of the press ,well we shall see how that works whenRep.are back in the majority ….. lol

  3. If it is Cummining stand that there should be a consideration of Fox withholding as in kind contributions then he better get his head out of his ass and go after the lamestream media as being on big contributor to the DNC for over 4 years!

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