Congressman And 2020 Democratic Presidential Wannabe Wants Your Guns Or He Will “Nuke” You!

I wrote about this moron in May of 2018 after he went on the Tucker Carlson show and made it known that he wants to take guns away from Americans… I gave and will give him credit for at least being honest about it and not feeding us a load of Democrat BS about how they don’t want our guns, they just want “common sense” gun laws.

Since this clown was on the Tucker Carlson Show he has announced that he is giving serious consideration to seeking the presidency in 2020… He is already a Congressman for the state of California and if you agreed with me previously that it is scary to think that we have people serving as legislators—those people who write and pass our nation’s laws—in Washington who think like this then the recent comments he made on Twitter should really concern you.

Recently the topic of his efforts to pass a law requiring Americans to surrender their guns came up when a Newsmax TV Host posted an article by NBC News from May 2018 in this Tweet dated 16 Nov 2018:

This Tweet received a barrage of responses including one from a Joe Biggs in reference to Congressman Swalwell’s idea that he could take guns away from Americans indicating that it would result in war… Well, this is when Congressman Eric Swalwell responded to the Tweet with what has to be the most insane Twitter comment ever… Here is the initial exchange:

I always get a kick out of the liberals that think the idea of Americans being able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government is ludicrous because the government has all the big guns and the little people armed with rifles and handguns would not stand a fighting chance against the well-armed modern government’s army. 

Clearly, they have not been paying attention to history or current events… America came to be the great experiment it is after kicking the snot out of the British who at the time had what was considered the largest, most powerful army in the world… They were run off by a bunch of very determined American’s who were greatly outnumbered… And they not only did it once during the Revolution but a second time when the British tried again in 1812.

Or how about Vietnam… The almighty great and powerful American war machine spent more than a decade chasing a bunch of barefoot fish head eating gooks through the jungle in and out of caves and tunnels before finally saying the hell with it lets go home…

And if those historical examples go back too far for some of the ignorant Democrats on the throne in Washington, in case they have not noticed we have been chasing a bunch of sheet wearing goat fu%&ing towel headed desert rats all over the Middle East for some 17 years now and many would argue we have accomplished nothing.

There are a lot more examples through history of small motivated groups of men armed with nothing but small arms, pitchforks, and knives defeating or repelling attacks by much larger better-equipped armies…

Sure, if the government decides to take out guns and we all just sit alone in our homes talking trash on the internet, they could easily go door-to-door and take them… You can talk all the trash you want, but if it’s just you inside your house with a couple of tactical teams stacked at every entrance to your house you will lose… Yeah, you might get some of them but you will lose… On the other hand, if the government decides to try and take our guns and we stand together I don’t care how many they bring, the story changes when hundreds of thousands of Americans stand shoulder to shoulder clinging to their guns…

The unfortunate thing about all of this talk though is if it ever comes to be there will be no real winners… It will be bad for America period!

Democrats like this Eric Swalwell though are a threat to America because it will be someone like him, if not him who starts the next armed revolution in America… American’s are pretty level-headed people, but if anything would divide this nation again, it will happen when they try to take out guns for sure.

Dana Loesch, an NRA spokeswoman even jumped in the Twitter conversation and as you can see, Eric Swalwell responds as if taking out guns is no big deal:

How anyone in this country can vote for a Democrat like this Swalwell guy is beyond me, but if people like him continue to be sent to Washington to violate their oath to preserve and defend the Constitution, America’s worst problems lie ahead…

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  1. Bring it on… let’s see how that works out for you ! Keep talking like that and the results WON”T be good… for you.

    What a dumb move on the part of anyone much less a Democrat.

  2. This guy is insane to even talk that way. Oh dear god he is from calif. –no wonder. He doesn’t even know the constitution to talk that way. What and we are going to have him around for the next 2yrs. —OH brother.???

  3. If you want a “War” dirt bag, bring it on. Good luck, even as President, getting our military to use any weapons, much less nuclear against their own people. We will hang ass holes like yourself from the street lights of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia.

  4. Two words for this à$$hàt… “Molon Labe”. I’ll throw in a few more for good measure… the reason we have the 2nd Amendment is to protect ourselves, our families, our communities and fight against a tyrannical gov’t, which *this* gov’t is becoming. Furthermore, calling my AR-15 an “assault weapon” is ludicrous. If I was in the shìt, and any combat vet knows exactly what I mean, I would not choose an AR-15 in an assault operation.

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