Conservative Pundits Pile On Liberal Media For Spreading Russia Collusion Lies!

It’s hard to tell when the actual original tackle on the mainstream media happened in regards to their complicity in the Russia collusion hoax that was perpetrated by the Robert Mueller Special Investigation, but there is no denying that the entire fiasco never would have reached the level of hysteria it did without help.

On Monday evening, both Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of Fox News presented very well written monologues on the topic laying the blame squarely where it belonged. But it was a stark and barely leashed statement by Breitbart’s John Nolte that brought home the reality of what the mainstream media has done to itself in its shameless pursuit of taking down a president with honest to goodness fake news.

This thing was not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on absolutely nothing, and not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on lies, it was also something that everyone knew was a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication.

There really is not much that pundits can add to that. The mainstream media sorts, and congress critters and the Obama administration’s FBI for that matter, who knew that the entire Russian collusion thing was made up are themselves complicit in the worst sort of slander and libel known thus far in our nation’s history – and this story is nowhere near the first to either exaggerate the truth for ratings and social change or to make it up whole cloth. Mr. Nolte catalogs a list of some of the more memorable attempts:

  • Trayvon Martin Murdered By Racist White Man
  • Michael Brown Yelled “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” Before Racist Cop Murdered Him
  • Brett Kavanaugh: Serial Rapist
  • The Racist White Boys from Covington High School
  • Trump Can’t Defeat Hillary
  • Trump Is a Russian Manchurian Candidate

And that is just the last five years.

Naturally, the blame game is nowhere close to over and we are just beginning to see what sort of people are the gatekeepers of information in this country. In the meantime, it will be a pleasure watching the liars go down in infamy.

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