Controversial ObamaCare Provision Set To Fail!


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Among the many facets of Obamacare, called the “Affordable Care Act” by its supporters, that contributed to its lack of popularity, was the sheer number of provisions that would violate the consciences – and basic human rights – of many Americans. One of those topics is the forcing of employers to provide forms of artificial contraception, aka “birth control,” to employees regardless of the employer’s religious or moral convictions on the use of such systems.

Couched in the Orwellian term “women’s health care,” this whole controversy has been raised to the level of financial survival by the mainstream media and women’s groups who would rather risk high blood pressure and blood clots than track their own fertility and effectively be able to tell a man “no”.

Now, the Trump Administration is expected to roll back this mandate via a new rule.

The rules would probably roll back a controversial Obama-era mandate in the Affordable Care Act that required employers to cover birth control. The regulations were filed last week for review with the Office of Management and Budget, indicating that the administration is in the final stages of issuing the expanded exemptions.

The exact details of the exemptions, and when they would take effect, remain unclear. But women’s health advocates are bracing for a legal fight. They expect the rules to mimic earlier regulations enacted by the Trump administration last year before being blocked by federal judges….

The Trump administration rules were “nothing short of radical,” American Civil Liberties Union Deputy Legal Director Louise Melling said in a phone call Thursday with reporters. “There’s no backstop to ensure coverage for employees.”

Actually, what was and is radical is telling Americans that they have no right to object to paying for what they consider to be immoral. Many religious groups object to hormonal based artificial contraception on moral grounds. Other truly conscientious people object to them due to the number of women who are permanently injured while taking the hormones or after implants have caused damage.

These are the parts of the whole argument that never get attention.

Once again, the Trump Administration is returning true choice to the people. Any objections are not based on true American tradition or thinking.

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