Coronavirus Exposes Weakness In American Health System

After over two decades of just shipping manufacturing and the creation of various consumer products overseas, sooner or later that reality was going to become a problem. As the current pandemic of Coronavirus spreads, specifically in the country where so many imports originate, disruption in the flow of goods was and is inevitable.

The real problem, though, is that one of the categories of imports that have been disrupted is the flow of legal pharmaceuticals that will help the United States weather an outbreak of the very disease that is preventing the imports from reaching our shores.

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro says the global coronavirus outbreak is exposing how the United States has been offshoring “far too many” products, including “essential medicines,” to China for too long.

During interviews with Fox News and Fox Business Channel, Navarro said President Trump’s administration is focused on moving supply chains to the U.S. from China, India, and Europe in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

In the process, though, Navarro said the issue has revealed just how much of America’s “essential medicines” and pharmaceuticals have been offshored to China.

“Part of my mission on this issue … is to make sure that those supply chains are delivering what we need,” Navarro said. “And the epiphany that I’ve had is that far too many of our pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies are offshore.” He added:

“It’s for the same reasons we’ve offshored autos, electronics, and machine tools — you’ve got the cheap labor, you’ve got the lax environmental [regulations], and of course, you’ve got the unfair trade practices. So what we’re doing is focusing now bringing those supply chains home as quickly as possible by developing domestic production.”

And because of the profit margins being the most important aspect of the pharmaceutical trade, the United States faces the spread of a pandemic level virus without the supply chains of medicines and equipment to deal with it secured.

Thankfully, this has been considered as is being dealt with by our government per President Donald Trump and a task force he put together in late January.

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