Country Music Star-And Others-Dumping Nike Over Kaepernick Choice As Celebrity Model

Let the power of consumer choice and the influence of celebrity messaging begin. Now that Nike, the athletic footwear company named for the Greek goddess of winged victory, has opted to insult a good number of its customers by using one of the most vilified celebrity athletes of the day in its advertising, patriots opposed to this specific individual getting any endorsement of any sort is speaking out.

Today’s celebrity opponent is from a different branch of entertainment, but with Twitter, and mainstream media outlets like The Hill picking up his messaging, John Rich of Big & Rich is making his sentiments – and public boycott – known.

“Hey @Nike I guess you made @Kaepernick7 your new ‘face; of the brand because you love the way his socks look with your shoes?” Rich tweeted shortly after the announcement on Monday, referencing a pair of socks that Kaepernick once wore that depicted police offers as pigs. 

@Reebok here we come.”

Umm, it might be a patriotic idea to find the athletic shoe companies that actually manufacture in the US.

Rich added to his criticism in a spree of tweets, saying that “when you compare police to PIGS, this ends the discussion for me.”

“If you don’t find a problem with that, then feel free to unfollow me. The police JUST SHOWED UP at our concert to protect and serve, I’ll ask them what they think and get back to you…,” he continued. 

In a subsequent tweet, Rich said that his “Soundman just cut the Nike swoosh off his socks.

“Former marine. Get ready  multiply that by the millions.”

Not all police are lily white in their decorum, but like just about any other job of that sort, there is more good than bad. They are not barnyard animals.

As for Kaepernick, he is taking advantage of the new exposure and attempt to rehabilitate his image.

Sorry, buddy. The damage is done. Until you apologize and change your tune, Americans have the choice to not purchase the products you hawk.

Nike will have to learn that the hard way apparently.

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