DACA Recipient Arrested For Murder In Virginia

This is the sort of situation the people against the DREAMers Act were afraid would come to pass. A man in the country under the mantle of DACA has been arrested in Virginia for murder.

Fox News has exclusively learned that Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez, 27, was an illegal alien in the U.S. until he was granted deferred action under the DACA program on Nov. 30, 2013. The program is aimed at children brought to the country illegally by their parents. 

Vazquez’s legal status was set to expire on Nov. 29, 2015. He applied for a renewal but his request was denied on August 16, 2016 – almost a year after his DACA status had already expired. Documents say his request was denied for abandonment, meaning he may have failed to respond to an information request or never showed up for a required appearance….

Prosecutors said in a charging document the fishing vessel, Captain Billy Haver, was sailing some 55 miles off Nantucket with seven crew members aboard when Vazquez assaulted one crew member with a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other.

Two of the wounded crew members were taken aboard a nearby cruise ship that responded to the captain’s distress call, and one was pronounced dead by the ship’s doctor.

Vazquez was charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. He appeared in court on Wednesday where he was ordered to be held without bail. 

Earlier this year, Vazquez was arrested accused of abduction and was released back into the wild on $20,000 bond over objections raised by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials.

Cases like this are exactly why the DACA laws and lax immigration policies are dangerous for the general public. All sorts of people can claim sanctuary under such laws, and commit any number of crimes before being caught and prosecuted as violent criminals. Such people do not change, which is why the laws need to be changed. People like Vazquez should not be allowed to stay in the country other than in prison.

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