Dallas Restaurant Tries To Compete With NRA Convention

Some people really don’t think things through. What happens when a business owner in the downtown area of an American city where the National Rifle Association is meeting puts a snotty message on his receipts?

The publicity that turns into a boycott, and then a battleground in the fight over the Second Amendment.

The owner of Ellen’s, a restaurant in Dallas, where the NRA is holding its annual convention put this message on the receipts:

Thanks for visiting Ellen’s! A portion of this week’s proceeds will be donated to organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations.

The message was noticed, and broadcast by the NRA to its followers on Twitter with the message to steer clear of the place. There are plenty of other restaurants in the city to choose from.

On the flip side, the gun grabbers ran with the message to patronize the place any time they are in the city.

This is the petty crap that is stirring the political pot day in and day out in the United States. Red lines are drawn in the dirt, asphalt, and clay, and everyone picks a side. Well, those who wear their opinions on their sleeves anyway. And those are the people that think the rest of us agree with them.

Did November 8, 2016, not send the message that there is a huge majority of the nation that does not agree with the inhabitants of the MSNBC echo chamber? Remember, all pols claimed there was no way Donald Trump could win.

Apparently, the truth just has not sunk in.

Americans do not overwhelmingly agree on “implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations.” There’s any number of reasons why including the concept of giving in for an inch and a mile will be taken. We the People who know our history also know that every totalitarian regime to rise up did so AFTER disarming the populace.

Really, how dumb do these gun grabbers think the rest of us are?

The problem isn’t gun control, it’s respect for human life. That doesn’t seem to be the main tenet of American life any longer.

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