Day Three Of The Iowa Caucus Fiasco, And No Winner Announced

We have a new mystery in the universe.

Who REALLY won the Iowa caucus for the Democrats?

Seriously, who won?

Was it Bernie Sanders who had the best ground game and the best poll numbers?

Was it Pete Buttigieg who was the force behind the app that failed to tabulate the vote totals?

Was it Joe Biden…all indications on that front are no.

So. where are we with the Iowa Caucus as the Democrat National Committee had to step in just to get a final tally of the votes?

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is currently leading the Democrat caucus results in Iowa, according to partial numbers released by the state Democrat party.

With 62 percent of the Iowa caucus results in, Pete Buttigieg is leading with 26.9 percent; Sen. Bernie Sanders is in a close second with 25.1 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is at third and former Vice President Joe Biden is currently in fourth place.

Bernie Sanders is winning the initial popular vote of 27,088 while Buttigieg had 23,666. Warren had 20,088 but Biden only had 16,179.

Thirty-eight percent of the vote still has to be tallied.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar earned 12.6 percent while Andrew Yang only earned 1.1 percent

Tom Steyer came in seventh with only 0.3 percent.
The Iowa State Democrats released the partially tallied details at 4:00 p.m. CST in Iowa, as Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price hosted a press conference to apologize for the delayed results.

And that’s just the face of the crisis public relations plan that looks to have been thrown together in a quick hurry.

The Democrats, how shall we say this delicately, screwed the pooch in Iowa. Everything was in disarray. The turnout was much lower than expected compared to a record turnout for President Trump. Their vote count system did not work. The world saw what a mess they made.

And we still have nine months before the general election.

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