Democrat Primaries Yield…Joe Biden For President

Why, how or is this a good idea does not seem to be in the cards or the vocabulary for the Democrats when it comes to the nominee for president. Come hell or high water – or both – it looks like they are about to nominate former Vice President and groper in chief for the office of the presidency.

For the second week in a row, Biden took the majority of states – ahead of challenger Bernie Sanders – in the primaries.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won at least four of the six Democratic primaries held Tuesday night — in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri — while Bernie Sanders won North Dakota, and the race in Washington state is a close contest.

Biden won the top prize in Michigan, which awards 125 delegates, defeating the Vermont senator by about 250,000 votes. The former vice president won 53 delegates.

Biden also won convincing victories in Mississippi, with more than 80 percent of the vote, and Missouri. Those states awarded him nearly 70 delegates. His margin of victory was about 7,000 votes in Idaho.

Sanders picked up a handful of delegates in North Dakota, where he beat Biden with more than 53 percent of the vote. He holds a slim lead in Washington.

Following the votes Tuesday, Biden now holds a delegate count of 823 to Sanders’ 663. A total of 1,991 is needed to secure the Democratic nomination at the party’s convention in Milwaukee in July.

Tuesday’s results continue Biden’s sweeping momentum in the Democratic race. A week ago, he took over as the party front-runner after a dominating performance on Super Tuesday, when he won 10 states to Sanders’ four — including Texas.

All this in spite of a number of gaffes and issues that would have tanked anyone else on a campaign trail long ago. 

How this all comes about, since the Democrat primaries are all a show when the superdelegates at the convention will actually choose the nominee, will be interesting to watch.

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