Democrats About Face On War When Trump Pulls Out Of Syria

The Democrats in the swamp we call Washington, D.C., all of a sudden are all for putting American troops in harm’s way. No, really. Just a few years ago, they backed Barack Obama when he pulled troops out of Iraq, but now that President Donald Trump removed a handful of men from the front line in Syria that was part of a blockage holding back the Turks, oh, no. We can’t do that!

California Democrats Rep. Maxine Waters and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, have been vocal opponents of Trump’s troop withdrawal, after supporting Obama’s efforts almost exactly eight years later.

“As the war in Iraq draws to a close, it is my hope that this conflict will serve as a solemn reminder of the costs of war,” Waters said in a statement issued Oct. 21, 2011. “We must carefully reexamine our approach to national security and how we view the United States’ role in promoting international peace and security. If we are to remain leaders in the world, we must always use our best judgment to determine when and how we engage other nations and other actors – particularly if we are considering the use of military force.”

Waters’ approach to the United States’ role in world affairs is similar to Trump’s recent warnings against “fighting other people’s wars.”

Cut to Oct. 7, 2019, and Waters blasted Trump for leaving Kurdish forces to fend for themselves against Turkish attacks.

“If the United States abandons the Kurds, these courageous allies will never trust us again,” Waters said in a statement, adding that “Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds is a gift to Russia, Iran and ISIS.”

That same day, Pelosi came out against Trump, warning that leaving northern Syria could lead to an ISIS resurgence.

“This reckless, misguided decision undermines the efforts by our brave servicemembers and our allies to end ISIS’s tyranny,” she said.

While the concern for the Kurds, nominal allies as we share the same enemy with them, is touching, the reality is they can fend for themselves. As President Donald Trump said, they aren’t angels.

In the meantime, all of these moves are just exposing the Democrats for the flip-floppers they are. They’ll back any cause if they think they’re going to get a political edge. Too bad it just is not going to work.

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