Democrats Allow Islamist To Lead Prayer On The Floor

In the U.S. House of Representatives, it is a time-honored tradition that prayers be offered at the open of the day. While various sects of Christianity may disagree on the finer points of theology, and the adherents to Judaism do as well, none of the above attack the others in prayer. It simply is not charitable and violates the tenets of the various faiths.

All of that went out the window last week when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and company allowed an Islamist to lead the prayer.

Imam Omar Suleiman, 33, was invited to give the prayer by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas after he gave the invocation last year at the Texas Democratic Convention. Based in Irving, Texas, he is the founder and president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and a professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist University.

His anodyne message contrasted with virulent anti-Israel statements he has made, referring to Israel as an “apartheid state” and calling for a Palestinian uprising.

In a 2014 post on his verified Facebook account, Suleiman called for another “intifada”, or uprising against Israel. “For the first time since 1967, Masjid Al Aqsa is closed. A third intifada is near insha’Allah. #FreePalestine #AlAqsaUnderAttack,” Suleiman said.

Suleiman refers to Israel’s military operations as “massacres.”

“This is Palestine. Apartheid Israel, with American funding and cover, continues to terrorize with impunity. Over 50 killed and 2000 wounded by Israeli snipers while protesting an illegal occupation and an illegal embassy,” Suleiman said in a May 2018 Facebook post.

So that’s what the Democrats think of Israel and by extension the United States herself.

If that is the case, why do they live here?

Not that it matters to the Democrats that the rest of us are not amused by their antics. No. With them, at the helm, we will see more of this in the future. Bank on it.

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  1. So, you think that Moslems should be able to come here and be free to practice all the tenants and practices and be able to follow to the letter all of the ancient writings of their religion?
    One of the most important practices by sheer volume of text in the koran is killing of the Kafirs, is that OK with you Buttercup?

    The amount of text in the Moslem trilogy devoted to killing the Kafir (unbeliever) by violent Jihad.
    Meccan portion of the koran – 0%
    Medinan portion of the koran – 24%
    Sira – 67%
    Hadith – 21%
    Total text devoted to the killing of you by violent Jihad – 31%

    Amount of text devoted to the treatment of the Kafir
    koran – 64%
    Sira – 81%
    Hadith – 37%
    Trilogy Total – 60%

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