Democrats Send Out Mixed Signals

This is one bone the dogs in the Democrat Party simply will not let go. The leadership sees the futility in the effort, but the ranking rank and file are hellbent on impeaching President Donald Trump.

Of what, no one is quite sure yet, but on Thursday, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to approve inquiry parameters.

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a resolution defining the rules of the panel’s impeachment investigation, the first vote the committee has taken related to the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The party-line vote came as House Democrats have struggled to define the committee’s probe, with Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler saying the committee is conducting an impeachment inquiry,…

Thursday’s vote, which does not need to be approved by the full House, gives Nadler the ability to deem committee hearings as impeachment hearings. It allows staff to question witnesses at those hearings for an hour after members conclude, gives the President’s lawyers the ability to respond in writing to public testimony and allows the committee to collect information in a closed setting.

While Nadler is going full steam ahead in his windmill tilt, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not encouraging him in the slightest. In fact, they really aren’t dignifying the effort with any kind of real acknowledgment.

Couple this with “impeachment rallies” that were supposed to happen this week and didn’t, and it really does look like the Democrats are in disarray. The oarsmen are rowing against the tide.

But Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, charged that the committee had become “a giant Instagram filter” — that Democrats were trying to dress up what they were really doing to make it look better. He argued that the Democratic resolution was “not anything special” because it grants the chairman powers that he already has access to.

“The difference between formal impeachment proceedings and what we’re doing today is a world apart no matter what the chairman just said,” Collins said, adding later, “The chairman can do this at any time, because he wants the appearance of something that it’s not. You’re not in an impeachment inquiry.”

Democrat leadership understands that. The rank and file do not.

Just another show under the Capitol Hill Big Top.

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