Dems Fuming Over Possible Pardon Of Manafort

Nothing seems to rile the Democrats like a scalp they thought they had in the bag rescinded.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller claimed the pelt of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort based on old charges in a case that had been closed for years. This was touted by the mainstream media and the Democrats as proof of the effectiveness of the investigation the president has called a witch hunt on a regular basis.

Now, with sentencing coming up on Manafort’s bank fraud charge, and the Democrats – and their handlers – reminding the president that Manafort is a convicted felon (see John Podesta’s Twitter feed), President Donald J. Trump has said that pardoning Manafort is on the table.

How did the Democrats respond? They sent Dick Durbin on national television to give their statement.

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said if President Donald Trump were to pardon his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, it would be “an admission of guilt.”

Durbin said, “I think there also is this looming concern that there is a pardon waiting for him in the White House when this is all over. I hope that’s not true. Pardons in this circumstance would certainly raise serious questions about whether this president or any person is above the law in the United States.”

Host Wolf Blitzer asked, “Do you believe a pardon by Manafort by the president would be an admission of guilt by the president considering Manafort’s role in the campaign?

Durbin answered, “Yes, I would.”

So, by pardoning Paul Manafort for a conviction of a crime committed before he announced his candidacy for president, Donald Trump would be admitting his guilt…of what?

And that’s just for starters. Shall we talk about some of the pardons Bill Clinton made on his way out the White House door in January 2001? Marc Rich, for example. Or just about any pardons, Barack Obama made, including the ones we don’t know about.

The Democrats making such claims is so rich.


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  1. Well to you dems go cram it. YOUR way of doing anything stinks constantly. and your wolf blitzer is a laugh a min. When have you lib /dems ever gotten anything right.———NEVER.!!!! and when you do its always we the people you have to pay for your damn mistakes. or you want to tax us to death. SO GO CRAM IT AND. WE ARE TIRED OF LISTENING YOU ANY OF YOU.!

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