Dems Make It Plain They Want Illegals To Vote

Once Democrats returned to some semblance of power in the federal government, they wasted no time putting a bill together, known as H.R. 1, that essentially calls for sweeping election “reform”.

The so-called “HR 1” measure embraced by House Democrats aims to curb big money in politics, make it easier to vote and bolster election security. It institutes a public financing system for congressional campaigns, requires presidential candidates to disclose tax returns and makes Election Day a federal holiday.

House Republicans sought to put language into the bill that would condemn the practice of allowing illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections. The measure failed.

The GOP-backed measure would have added language to the “H.R. 1” election proposal stating that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

Federal law already prohibits non-citizens from voting in elections for federal office. But the GOP motion referenced how San Francisco is allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in school board elections.

The motion was voted down 228-197. All but six Democrats in the House voted against it. Just one Republican opposed it.

The bill itself will not have the chance to become law at this point due to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not being willing to bring it to the floor of the Senate. Why it could not go to a committee somewhere and die as all bad legislation generally does was not made clear.

This bill, though, is just one of several fronts in the Democrat efforts to be sure that illegal aliens can vote in U.S. elections. It is widely believed their foot-dragging on the border crisis is part of it, but also direct opposition to the Department of Commerce reinstating the citizenship question on the 2020 census after sixty years. A court challenge to that effort saw a ruling last week that assures the measure will end up before the U.S. Supreme Court eventually unless a miracle happens and the ninth circuit manages to do the unthinkable and rule with reason and sense.

A federal judge in San Francisco has blocked a Trump administration move to include a citizenship question in the 2020 census, calling the proposal “arbitrary and capricious” and saying it would harm the state of California and be “contrary to the Constitution.”

In a ruling released Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had failed to justify his decision to include a citizenship question in the upcoming census.

Of course, only counting citizens in the American population total for distribution of representatives in the house would affect the number that California gets, among other states. Thus the electoral college landscape would change.

That’s what these fights are about: maintaining power. The moves are now pretty obvious.

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