Dennis Quaid Is The Actor Who Will Play Ronald Reagan In New Film, This Is How He Feels About It

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Ronald Reagan was a divisive figure in his heyday (not as divisive as President Trump, but still there are some similarities).

He won California twice, but still, Liberals didn’t appreciate him much. He was ridiculed as stupid, vapid and over his head during his two terms in the White House.
However as time was passing by, Reagan’s stature has increased gradually. America did enjoy a resurgence under his watch, and even historians recognize that as fact.

Now, a new movie about The Gipper is scheduled to go into production in the fall, and Dennis Quaid, the actor who’ll play Reagan, said he is a little bit concerned.

“[I’m] really, really nervous,” Quaid told Fox News. “When I got offered the role about four months ago, I couldn’t give them an answer. I had a shiver of fear go up my spine. I don’t really feel that I look like Ronald Reagan. But usually, that shiver of fear is a sign to me that I should do something because it takes me out of my comfort zone.”

“I’m fascinated by Ronald Reagan,” said Quaid. “And we do share a couple of traits. He had an optimistic, sunny disposition way of looking at life. And we’re both actors. He has an incredible life story. A story that I think most people really don’t know. They think they know the man, but they don’t.”

Quaid also asserted Reagan’s remarkable life and legacy is one that audiences, whether Democrat or Republican, will want to explore.

“The movie is not political,” he explained. “The script is not political. Reagan was a Democrat who turned Republican. And that’s what I like about it. It’s just the story of the man who was Ronald Reagan.”

The film will explore Reagan’s term as governor of California, his role in the fall of the Berlin Wall and his final days when he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. “It will also delve a bit into John Hinckley Jr., whose obsession with actress Jodie Foster led to his attempted assassination of the Republican president in 1981,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

The film includes very important and prominent persons. Mark Joseph is producing (according to the THR, he has “met with 50 of Reagan’s friends, confidantes and cabinet members, including his pastor and the surgeon who saved his life” after the assassination attempt). Another producer is Ralph Winter, who came to prominence for the “X-Men” film franchise.

Quaid has been practicing for the role by spending time at Reagan’s ranch.
“When you drive up there, the place is surprisingly small and humble,” he said. “And they left it just as it was when Reagan was there for the last time really. [His clothes along with Nancy’s] are in their closets and you just feel like they’re going to come back in 30 minutes. It still has their 1974 house appliances.

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