Despite Trump Administration One Population Continues To Rises

It’s one of those trends that just won’t stop. As per usual, the illegal immigration numbers within the United States will show a rise in 2019 despite the efforts of the Trump Administration to stem the tide.

The numbers break down this way:

Approximately 350,000 children traveling alone and adults with children were likely released into the U.S.

Approximately 200,000 crossed the border undetected.

“The ‘illegal’ population of the U.S. (if we include asylum seekers in that group) will have increased by 550,000 in FY 2019,” according to immigration analyst Steven Kopits, president of Princeton Policy Advisors.

That is honestly not what We the People wanted to hear when it comes to illegal immigration in the United States.

Why is this happening? It’s not that hard to figure out.

President Trump has promised to cut illegal immigration but has been thwarted in part by slow construction of a new border wall and judicial challenges to his get-tough policies.

This, of course, is part of the reason why the installation of so many judges to the federal bench is necessary. Leftover leftist ideologues on the federal bench would have no trouble stymying the president at every turn. That’s why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s one hundred and fifty plus judges confirmed to the bench is so important.

As disheartening as the news on this front is, all is not lost.

However, Kopits noted that the administration’s diplomatic agreement to get Mexico to hold immigrants seeking to cross the border is working. He noted that some 50,000 immigrants were deported to holding areas in Mexico.

That still leaves the reality that over half of the 850,000 people apprehended at the border for crossing illegally remain in the nation, in many cases living in the wind with no way to track them.

If we are going to get a handle on any number of issues this causes, Congress needs to get with the program and pass legislation to close the loopholes and get the wall built.

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