Diamond And Silk Poke Fun At NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Immigration Policy

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When appearing on “Fox & Friends“ Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become a subject of derision by the social media personalities “Diamond and Silk, “for calling himself an undocumented citizen.

“If he is undocumented maybe I should go pay him a visit,” Lynnette Hardaway, who goes by “Diamond,” said. “Maybe go ahead on and deport him.”

The Fox News guests considered it was disgraceful of Cuomo, a Democrat, to attempt to provoke anger among illegal immigrants and said he should tell them the truth.

The fact that he lied and he takes and tries to use this here to incite some kind or rage or outrage is just unreal to us,” Hardaway continued. “When you come in this country you must be legal.”


“If he really cared about illegal aliens he would tell them that, instead of continuing with this rhetoric that they are supposed to be here if they are not legal,” she said. “When you come in here, you must be legal is what needs to happen.”

Cuomo has become a subject of criticism in December for absolving 18 convicted illegal immigrants who were about to be deported. He later praised himself for the pardon on Twitter.

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