Did Sean Hannity Instruct Mueller’s Targets To SMASH Cell Phones?

Sean Hannity

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Well, it’s official… The liberal media has walked the plank all the way to the end this time… To make matters worse for them, Moses parted the waters again and they landed on their heads… LOL

Seriously, there has to be some sort of divine misfortune that has caused them all to reach this state full blown pathetic ignorance… They have demonstrated a level of ignorance this time beyond anything we have seen… It’s as if every liberal talking head was asked the challenge question… What’s the challenge question? Well, it’s that “how stupid can you get” question… Every time someone asks as liberal “how stupid can you get” it’s as if they consider it a challenge.

On Wednesday night Sean Hannity was discussing and comparing the Hillary Clinton email investigation to the Mueller Investigation witch hunt for the mythical Russian collusion. He was on the topic of Mueller asking the people being interviewed to surrender their cell phones so they could try and retrieve data from any encrypted apps they may be or may have been using when he quite obviously jokingly asked how things would go for them if they followed the Hillary Clinton lead.

Sean Hannity

He continued on asking the rhetorical question if there is really equal justice under the law. He jokingly described the process Hillary Clinton followed beating her cell phones into pieces with a hammer, removing the SIM cards and after running Bleach Bit to destroy any hope of recovering data from them, handed them over to the FBI.

Hannity suggested those people being questioned by Mueller do the same thing to their cell phones then hand them over to see if there was equal justice under the law.

He then points at the viewing audience and says:

“How do you think that would work out for everybody who Mueller’s demanding their phones of tonight? Now I’m certain the result would not be the same as Hillary’s.”

As you will see in the video below, there is no possible way any semi-intelligent, or hell, stupid person could possibly interpret what he says as a serious instruction to destroy evidence in a criminal investigation, but you would never know that if all you got was the story told by the liberal talking heads or print media.

The liberal media took his comments and went on a full-blown “Fake News” rampage with titles like this one by the Daily Kos:

“Sean Hannity Breaks The Law On TV, Telling Mueller Probe Witnesses To Destroy Evidence.”

That’s just one example of several highlighted in a follow-up segment the following night on Hannity’s program.

He also has a montage of video clips put together highlighting the liberal talking heads at MSNBC where one of the clowns actually suggest that Mueller should talk with him to find out where he got this crazy idea of smashing cell phones and destroying evidence from… Maybe the President told him to do this he say’s… WHAT?!

I couldn’t quit laughing at how serious they were and several of them suggest that he got this insane idea from talking to the President… It’s like they have all been lobotomized… Where the heck were all these righteous people when Hillary Clinton was smashing up cell phones and destroying emails… Where did Hannity get the idea… From HILLARY! LOL

Make sure you watch the video, it will have you laughing for hours… 🙂

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  1. so since these libtards are claiming he is instructing people to destroy evidence, does that mean they are aware that Hitley Rotten Crotch broke the law by destroying evidence when she destroyed her phones?

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