Disgusting Tweet Confirms Twitter’s Double Standard In Banning Conservatives

It’s now beyond obvious. For years, Twitter and other social media platforms have been “shadow banning” and outright banning conservatives and non-liberal leaning posts left and right. They get buried or deleted without anyone being notified, or removed with the slightest indication from other users that the post may be offensive.

Liberals, on the other hand, can say anything they want and no action is taken for hours, if ever.

On Monday, the target was First Lady Melania Trump. Compared to Michelle Obama, her staff is small, 39 fewer members. When Charlie Kirk mentioned this on Twitter, a candidate for Congress on the left coast responded with something absolutely obscene.


The post was up for over 21 hours with no response from Twitter to users‘ reporting of this violating all kinds of standards, including hate speech and decency.

Fortunately, the people of America came to FLOTUS’s defense, but this is the latest in a long string of incidents that confirms the bias Twitter and other “free speech” social media platforms claim not to have.

By contrast, in just the past week, Twitter has aggressively censored other conservatives for mainstream views expressed on the platform. The Federalist’s Kathleen McKinley was reportedly barred last Friday after expressing opposition to honor killings and transgender soldiers serving in the U.S. military. To restore her account, Twitter forced McKinley to deleted the two tweets, one a year old and the other posted one month ago, because they were found to have purportedly violated the tech giant’s “rules against hateful conduct.”

In addition to censoring McKinley, Twitter suspended GOP Missouri Senate candidate Austin Petersen following a mass-reporting campaign by far-left Shareblue activists.

As previously reported by Allum Bokhari, “The incident began when Shareblue activist Caroline Orr made a tweet attempting to draw a link between Petersen’s candidacy and the alleged Russian hack on Senator Claire McCaskill, the Democratic Senate incumbent in Missouri. Petersen then responded with an animated picture (better known as a gif) of Joseph Stalin waving with the caption “off to Gulag now.” It’s a gif that Petersen took from Twitter’s own library of shareable gifs.”

Russian hack on blondie? We could talk about her husband making millions off of government contracts since she’s been in that seat, but no one seems to want to go there.

If the people who control social media platforms want us to buy what they are selling, namely that they provide a service to disseminate free speech, it would be a good idea if they treated all sides in political debate the same way.

Plain and simply, they don’t.

And they wonder why users are abandoning their products.

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