Don Jr And Kimberly Guilfoyle Hit Mainstream Media And Liberal Mob HARD In New Political Ad

The American political scene has become such the ghetto. That is the gist of much of the messaging – and, frankly, actions by political enemies of the president – where both sides of the divide are accusing the other of inciting violence and incivility in general.

Those who follow political activity in the nation, it is pretty obvious that Democrats do a lot of projecting when it comes to this, and the people out helping President Trump campaign for Republicans running for the various legislative bodies in the Midterm elections, are busy reminding the voters of this as well as to vote Republican so that President Trump’s agenda can actually have a chance to succeed.

This includes President Trump’s son, Don Jr., and his friend Kimberly Guilfoyle. They’ve cut an ad for America First Policies that explains just that.

The liberal mob and the mainstream media want the people on the fruited plain to believe that all of the violence and derision is being prompted by Trump and the right, but We the People know better. The curtain has been pulled away for us, and we see what is going on behind it.

That our friends and colleagues who don’t want to see this is the reality rather than the version of events put forth my MSNBC and other leftist outlets are a sad reality in America today.

That does not change the fact that success of Make America Great Again requires control of both houses of Congress meaning that Americans who want to see the president and his agenda succeed need to get to the polls and vote for any and all Republicans on the ballot in order to stand a chance. This is war, and the theater of battle is the voting booth.

It is time for Americans to gird loins and do what is right for the nation.