Explosive Devices Found On And Off Campus In Santa Fe

BREAKING NEWS: Law enforcement authorities in Santa Fe, Texas are now reporting that there have been explosive devices discovered on and off the High School Campus during their investigation of the shooting incident that has claimed as many as ten lives so far this morning.

At about 7:45 a.m. this morning a student opened fire inside the Santa Fe High School located in a small town of about 13,000 residents. So far reports are that there are a total of ten dead and it appears that most all of them are students.

There was an armed School Resource Officer on the scene who immediately responded and engaged the shooter and is said to have sustained a minor gunshot injury. Reports are that he took a shot in the arm and is in serious condition undergoing surgery due to a massive loss of blood but is expected to survive.

The authorities have not officially acknowledged the type of weapon used in the shooting incident, but reports are that a shotgun was utilized and not the popular AR-15 that the liberal left loves to attack and have been actively seeking to have banned.

The Santa Fe ISD took one person into custody and has also detained one person of interest. They are asking that anyone with knowledge of the incident contact their Command Center at (409) 927-3310.

Law Enforcement officials are advising people to NOT touch anything suspicious they see out of place and to notify authorities immediately if anything suspicious is noticed either on the school campus or in town.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office posted the following media briefing on their twitter page:

President Trump has also sent his condolences and addressed the incident in the following Tweet and video:

The First Lady Melania Trump has also sent her condolences via Twitter:

The anti-gun fanatics have also already begun spreading FALSE information like they have included in the following Tweet:

While they are correct that it should not be swept under the rug and forgot, the statement about this being the 22nd High School shooting is misleading and intended to leave the impression that these mass shootings are happening more frequently than they actually do… An accidental discharge in a school parking lot in the middle of the night by some moron is nowhere near the equivalent of what took place in Parkland or Santa Fe today.

Banning the AR-15 or any other firearm will NOT stop these insane acts of evil from taking place… The underlying issues are far more complicated and require a difficult look into the progressive mentality of the liberal left that has infected the minds of America’s youth.

Forty years ago when I was in High School, every pickup truck in the parking lot had at least one rifle or shotgun hanging in the rear window and this sort of thing never happened.

There should be NO reason regardless of the underlying social issues behind these insane acts of evil that we cannot secure every school in America sufficiently enough to end, or greatly reduce these incidents from taking place. I know many do not like the idea of visible security in public schools, but my guess is there are far more who do not like putting their children in the ground.


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