Facebook Accused Of Censorship By Users When Honest Meme Is Banned

It turns out that using the wrong words might well be fatal to one’s social media presence, at least on the most used sites. As of this writing, users of Facebook are accusing the social media platform of censoring users based on terminology around immigration.

Multiple social media users have reported on more than one account being suspended or censored on Facebook due to posts related to the tragic shooting death of legal immigrant and Newman, California, police Cpl. Ronil Singh, allegedly at the hands of illegal immigrant Gustavo Perez Arriaga.

Some Facebook users have reported that their posts caused their accounts to be suspended for not complying with community standards. Some have questioned what specifically about their posts was problematic.

An example was given on the Blue Lives Matter website. The author, Christopher Berg, explained how an unnamed “sheriff’s deputy whom I personally know” posted an image about the Singh killing and as a result his account was suspended for 30 days due to “hate speech.”

So, now, apparently, hate speech includes telling the truth about what crimes border jumpers commit even when the victim in question is a law enforcement officer, and the offense is a capital level crime.

Seriously, George Orwell never meant for his work to be a “how to” manual. Somehow, this image is supposedly “hate speech” according to the powers that be of social media.

This is not the only account to be suspended over this issue. There have been several including that of Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, an influential conservative Christian. The basic reality is that the power of social media to spread truth is being stifled by the people who run the platforms. Nothing negative about illegal aliens, or immigrants if that is the preferred word, is to be allowed.

We the people understand. The truth is out there and we are not supposed to utter it or put it in any sort of verbal form lest those who haven’t heard yet catch wind that “migrants” are really criminals by another name.


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