Facebook Bans Creator Of #WalkAway Campaign Just Weeks Before Planned March In Washington, DC

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Well, it looks like Facebook has struck again in an effort to squash the conservative movement… What’s that? You mean they just testified before Congress—and the American people—on two separate occasions, telling us they do not discriminate based on political affiliation? Well, I’ll be damnd… I feel so much better now… Now that I know for sure it was a damn lie!

I think by now most people are familiar with the #WalkAway campaign that a gay hairdresser from New York City by the name of Brandon Straka jump-started a few months back. He released a really well-done video that detailed all the reasons why he was walking away from the liberal Democratic Party… He finally opened his eyes and saw the Democrats for exactly what they are… In short, everything they accuse others of being. Things like racist, bigots, homophobes, etc.,… I know, I know… They are also probably the largest group of unindicted felons on the planet… Hopefully, that will change in the near future.

So, why did Facebook ban the recently converted liberal Democrat turned Republican

Well, he decided after having thousands of previously deceived liberal Democrats #WalkAway that it was time to bring them all together for a #WalkAway March in Washington, D.C., one week before the midterm elections. To promote the #WalkAway March he was doing the interview tour and was scheduled to be interviewed by Alex Jones of InfoWars and he committed the unforgivable crime of mentioning in a Facebook post, on his Facebook page, that he was going to be interviewed by Alex Jones… Yes, you heard right… He was banned for merely mentioning that he was going to be interviewed by Alex Jones. Here is his Tweet:

Don’t get all up in arms and upset though… Well, not yet…

As is the norm these days when someone on the conservative side of politics develops too loud a voice and gains too much attention the social media liberals join forces… Not long after being banned by Facebook, his Reddit page was shut down too.

This is not an attack on our Constitutional First Amendment Right to free speech… The Constitution protects the people from the government, not private corporations… no, what we have here is private corporations taking over our free speech and dictating what we can and can not say… What we can and can not share with one another… Who we can and can not associate with and they have appointed themselves and the sole finders of fact and tell us what is and is not “fake news.”

We didn’t just surrender to them though… We were lured in… Suckered in… Encouraged to place our lives on their platforms surrendering our personal information and then many were even encouraged to use their platform to develop and build their own business and become dependent of them as sole sources of revenue… Then they pulled the plug!

The liberal left has corrupted our government and the largest, most relevant, necessary large corporations have taken control of our information and our communications. What will we do… What should we do?

Let me know in the comments and share this with everyone so the message about this #WalkAway March gets distributed to as many people as possible… The event is one week before the midterm elections and it’s important everyone get out and vote. The people, not a political party or mega-corporation should decide who the people have representing them. Inform yourselves and cast an informed vote… That’s the American way!

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  1. TIME FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SHUT DOWN FACEBOOK<UTUBE<APPLE<INSANTGRAM, remove them from the INTERNET until a full investigation and into them can be conducted and the owners and administrators are charged and imprisoned.

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