Facebook Bans Stalwart Truth Reporting Site Zero Hedge

One by one, social media giant Facebook is whittling out conservative and alternative news sites from its platform. Over the weekend, it’s the latest victim became public knowledge. It is Zero Hedge, a fairly popular news site written for the most part by Tyler Durden and carrying thoroughly researched stories that tell a different side of the day’s news.

Over the weekend, we were surprised to learn that some readers were prevented by Facebook when attempting to share Zero Hedge articles. Subsequently it emerged that virtually every attempt to share or merely mention an article, including in private messages, would be actively blocked by the world’s largest social network, with the explanation that “the link you tried to visit goes against our community standards.”

For those who are casualties of the internet information wars with the giant social media platforms, this is a familiar sight. And a very unwelcome one. In the last five years, dozens of alternative information sites have been bankrupted by this very tactic.

And now the powers that be who want to control all narratives seem to be going after one of the sites with a lot of traffic. Tyler Durden writes:

We were especially surprised by this action as neither prior to this seemingly arbitrary act of censorship, nor since, were we contacted by Facebook with an explanation of what “community standard” had been violated or what particular filter or article had triggered the blanket rejection of all Zero Hedge content….

Alternatively, it is just as possible that Facebook simply decided to no longer allow its users to share our content in retaliation for our extensive coverage of what some have dubbed the platform’s “many problems”, including chronic privacy violations, mass abandonment by younger users, its gross and ongoing misrepresentation of fake users, ironically – in retrospect – its systematic censorship and back door government cooperation (those are just links from the past few weeks).


Or it could just be that Tyler and his crew were and are over a target that the people at Facebook don’t want the world to know.

Whatever the case, Zero Hedge is now banned on one of the major social media platforms. The site joins dozens of others who are in similar dog houses.


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