Facebook Users Confused Why They Are Locked Out Of Accounts

It’s no great secret that Facebook has been having its fair share of technical difficulties of late, but the latest snafu has a lot of users confused. They are wondering why they’ve been locked out.

Substantial numbers of people reported they had lost access to their account, while others said the site had stopped working entirely.

The problems led to mass confusion as users took to other social networks like Twitter to ask Facebook what had happened to their accounts. Others worried they had been hacked – though the problem appears to be a technical issue with the way the site works.

Users said they had tried to get onto Facebook only to find they had been signed out. And when they tried to log back in as usual, the password appeared to have stopped working.

A prompt that pops up when users can’t get back into their accounts suggests they reset their passwords by receiving a code in their email. But that code did not appear to be working, users said.

Well, something has gone terribly wrong if the passwords aren’t working, and the confirmation codes aren’t either.

Facebook has been the subject of many a controversy when it comes to kicking out and banning users who “violate community standards.” Politically conservative commenters and users can attest to that. So can owners of pages that have a less than leftist political bent. Thousands of those sorts have been locked out. Over the years, search algorithms have been rewritten to favor some information. In addition, advertising took on a much bigger role than was present in the beginning.

And then there is the data mining operation where the platform sells users’ information to third parties.

But passwords not working is new. And a snafu of massive proportions when the users can’t log on. We’ll see how this gets fixed.




  1. I use MeWe now instead of Facebook. No data mining and no kicking off due to “community standards”. Bytheway. why would anyone buy one of Facebook’s Portal video devicessince they can suspend your account at any time.

    • Always like hearing about Facebook losing market share even if it’s one person at a time… It may not happen overnight, but I believe they will regret the way they have treated everyone in the end…

      Thanks for supporting our website!

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