Fact Checkers FAILED To Identify Nathan Phillips As A Fake

The old injun protester had been around for years but until the last week, he was not a household name. Nathan Phillips was and is a known entity to the mainstream media sorts who cover social engineering sorts of protests. His story, though, changes from time to time – including in the last week – and as a result, the curious even on the side of the moonbat left has been looking to verify it.

As a matter of course, the lunatics tend to lean on the investigative sounding Snopes, which is always given preferential treatment by Facebook and Google, the social media giants, for verification. The problem is, they got a whole lot of information wrong, not just about the incident that made Nathan Phillips famous, but his military record.

In addition to botching the details of the confrontation, media outlets also inaccurately reported that Phillips is a Vietnam veteran.

Phillips described himself in interviews as a “Vietnam-times veteran” and groups affiliated with him told The New York Times that he fought in Vietnam. Phillips explicitly claimed in a 2018 Facebook video that he was a Vietnam veteran who served “in theater.”

Military records show that Phillips never deployed to Vietnam, though his military service did include a long stint as a refrigerator technician.

Snopes’s fact-check incorrectly labeled it “unproven” that Phillips had falsely claimed to be a Vietnam veteran. Snopes declined to change its misleading ruling despite definitive video evidence of Phillips doing exactly that.

And in any search on the veracity of Phillips’s claims, Snopes always is at the top of the list of results.

Is it any wonder, then, that falsehoods, rumors, and other misinformation never seem to be put to rest when the most trusted resource for fact-checking has the wrong facts and refused to correct them even when supplied with evidence that they are wrong?




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