Your Tax Dollars Are Now Creating Anti-Trump Propaganda

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There’s something inherently dangerous about words and images being published that, honestly, just might not be true. The danger is in the reality that those who are predisposed to a certain mindset will blindly grasp anything that puts a despised individual or entity in a bad light.

More and more that seems to be the case with “news” outlets reporting on the parent-child separation situation at the border. Simply, the testimonials presented by liberal mainstream media organs, do not match those told by border patrol.

They also prey on the ignorance of those left in the dark years ago when alternative media sources were busy trying to expose the MS-13 invasion that was happening under the cover of unaccompanied minors coming across the border with chaperones.

One pretty obvious example of readers swallowing the horror stories hook line and sinker regardless of logic, reason and cold thinking is a piece from the taxpayer-funded PBS News Hour titled, “My Son Is Not The Same: New Testimony Paints Bleak Picture of Family Separation.”

The headline was taken from the first testimonial presented by a “parent” in the article:

“(My son) is not the same since we were reunited. I thought that, because he is so young he would not be traumatized by this experience, but he does not separate from me. He cries when he does not see me. That behavior is not normal. In El Salvador, he would stay with his dad or my sister and not cry. Now he cries for fear of being alone.”

— Olivia Caceres was separated from her 1-year-old son in November at a legal point of entry. The boy’s father, who was seeking asylum, remains detained, Caceres said. It took three months for Caceres to get her son back from government custody. According to her testimony, she said that after reuniting with her toddler, “he continued to cry when we got home and would hold on to my leg and would not let me go. When I took off his clothes he was full of dirt and lice. It seemed like they had not bathed him the 85 days he was away from us.”

Let’s break this down, shall we? How many one-year-olds have long enough and the right texture hair on their heads to have lice? Not saying that it isn’t possible, but how many? And at one year old, if the child had not been bathed, dirt would be the least of a parent’s problems. How many children of that age are actually out of diapers? No mention of diaper rash, burned buttocks, or smelling of ammonia from urine. All of that would have happened if a child that age had been left unbathed for 85 days.

This account smells for a different reason.

“[The children] did not have shoes or blankets in the detention center, and there were people in the cells that had to sleep standing up. They did not have enough to eat either, and could not drink the water, because of the chlorine they added to it … the incarcerated children were insulted – called named such as “animals” and “donkeys.”

Humans are not cows. We cannot sleep standing up and even the propaganda pictures aren’t this bad. Can’t drink the water because of the chlorine? Not that it’s the best for humans, but chlorine is how a lot of water supplies are sanitized.


These are just two examples given in the taxpayer-funded PBS News Hour piece that does not mention that four out of five children crossing into the United States are not with their parents. They were separated before getting to the border, and many times sent by their parents on a long and arduous journey.

There is no mention of human trafficking and the reality as told by the border patrol agents of girls being raped as part of the coyote system, or that they carry emergency birth control because this is known.

Not including the testimonials of the border patrol and only offering up one horror story after another meant to tug at the heartstrings is not responsible reporting. All that is offered is the apocalypse.

And the people who are in the dark about what is really going on at the border – drug and gun running, human trafficking, gangs invading – are lapping it up.

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