Federal Judge Delivers A Knockout Blow To Obama’s Legacy, Orders Stolen Funds To Be Repaid


On Tuesday, a federal district court judge in Texas issued a request for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to return over $839 million to six states.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor adjudged that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had illegally required six states — Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin — to pay the bill for health care providers, paying a fee that Obamacare apparently exempted them from.

Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill, who assisted argue the case, told PJ Media:

“This is a prime example of how the administrative state works — and how difficult it can be to unravel the work of deep state bureaucrats.”

Judge O’Connor maintained that Obamacare bureaucrats infringed the plain text of the Affordable Care Act to effectively “steal” that from the six states that were plaintiffs in the case.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry issued a statement saying:

“Obamacare has always been an economic house of cards, and this ruling has again exposed it for what it is: a money laundering scheme. This is a prime example of the deep administrative state doing something that Congress expressly forbid.”

“Even though the Affordable Care Act forbid imposing the Health Insurance Providers Fee (HIPF) on states, the federal government found a way to do it anyway.”

“HIPF has always been an unconstitutional fee imposed upon our State’s workers.”

Murrill clarified where Obamacare bureaucrats violated their authority:

“The law expressly forbids imposing the fee on states. It was intended to basically take back some of the profits insurers would achieve from the expansion of insurers and the associated increase in premiums (projected to come from a less sick, younger population).”

This has also happened in the past that Obamacare “found” money to float the bloated and unsuccessful money laundering scheme that Obama had sold as an improvement.

Due to the investigative work of Jerome Corsi we found out that ex-President Obama unlawfully diverted at least $187.5 Billion in taxpayer funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the nation’s government-sponsored mortgage giants, with an aim to prevent Obamacare from imploding prior to his leaving office.

Once again, President Trump rightly battles to replace another futile Obama initiative.

It is important to mention that none of what we reported here has gotten any coverage in the mainstream media. Another fact that is worth mentioning is that John McCain was the vote that killed Obamacare repeal. Is this the real reason why the mainstream media is now deifying McCain and bashing Trump?

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  1. That doesn’t surprise me in anything wrong that Obama has done..Because, a lot of money was stolen and lied about where the monies went..Especially to Iran..

  2. im not bashing anyone I;m turning over a new leaf.whatever happens will happen and writing names or calling names isn’t going to change it people have to come forward and file complaints against people who broke the law even if they are democratic politicians and then someone will sit up and take notice and all the trump bashing is against the law he is our President and he;ss doing a great Job.but I think he should be careful who he hires to watch over his presidency.i love the smooch.his dedication to the president is awsome.

  3. I’d like to know how much of a KICK BACK that TURD COLORED STAIN got from sending a boatload of money to Iran. His administration sent them like 480 BILLION $ that we were holding to make them fall into compliance with their Nuclear programs and dumb ass oDUMBo just gave it to them and let them go on building towards Nuclear weapons. I’d bet that Iran gave that SOB millions of $ for cutting their money lose.

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