Federal Judges Asked To Investigate Kavanaugh Ethics Complaints By Chief Justice Roberts

Chief Justice Roberts who was apparently quietly holding on to complaints about Judge Kavanaugh before he was even confirmed and became the newest Justice on the Supreme Court has ordered a number of lower court judges to investigate some 15 ethical complaints he received against Judge Kavanaugh.

Reports are that the complaints concern statements that Judge Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings… Given what we have heard, someone has probably heard from a friend, who knows someone who heard from someone that was in high school with him, that told someone else that he exaggerated his flatulence comment… LOL

The complaints were apparently initially made with the court he previously served on… The U.S. Court of Appeals For the District of Columbia Circuit where the Chief Judge is a man by the name of Merrick Garland… Anyone remember that name?

The rules of the judiciary allow members of the public to make formal complaints about federal judges in the courthouse or region the judge serves. When a complaint is received against a judge there are several options for handling them… They can be dismissed out of hand, having local judges investigate them, or Chief Justice Roberts in his capacity as the head of the federal judiciary can assign the complaints to judges in a different part of the country to investigate them.

In this case, Chief Justice Roberts has assigned the complaints to the ethics council of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals located in Denver Colorado.

Normally the Chief Judge of the D.C. Circuit deals with ethics complaints but if you have been paying attention that would be Merrick Garland, the man former President Obama nominated to the Supreme Court that was put on ice for a year until Donald Trump surprised the world and won the Presidency. Politics aside, Merrick Garland being a man of integrity believes the proper thing to do was recuse himself from any investigation of Judge Kavanaugh… Thus the reason the complaints were assigned to the 10th U.S. Circuit.

The 10th Circuit’s Chief Judge who received the letter to investigate from Chief Justice Roberts is a man by the name of Timothy Tymkovich who was on the President’s list of possible Supreme Court Nominees with Judge Kavanaugh.

Some believe the complaints against Judge Kavanaugh will be deemed moot and dismissed now that Judge Kavanaugh is Justice Kavanaugh since the lower court no longer has jurisdiction over Justice Kavanaugh, who is no longer assigned to the lower courts… Others believe that is not the case because the Conde of Conduct for U.S. Judges applies to all judges and do not disappear because a judge moves from one federal court to another.

The other highly probably outcome is that the complaints may be found not to be meritorious and require no action, to begin with… This seems to be the most likely outcome in my opinion since I have not seen or heard of any evidence whatsoever that can be corroborated or substantiated even slightly… One could not even find enough reasonable suspicion for an investigative stop based on what is known and has been testified to much less enough probable cause to charge someone with a crime.

I’m all for giving serious attention to and listening to anyone who claims they have been assaulted in any way… Sexually or otherwise… But this nonsense of believing the “survivor” even when they can not produce the slightest corroboration or evidence that someone assaulted them is pure nonsense… Hell, there would not be enough room in all the federal and state prisons in the world if we started convicting everyone in public service who had someone accuse them of wrongdoing without requiring the claims be substantiated in any way…

The liberal lunacy is getting out of hand and it has only reached the level of insanity it has because too many people have tolerated it and tried to appease lunatics like Professor Ford... She is no doubt a disturbed woman who very well may have had something bad happen to her… She clearly needs comforting and help but allowing her to believe every crazy story she comes up with is going to be treated as the Gospel does her more harm in the long run than it does good for anyone!

Accept your defeat liberals and move on to your next effort to manipulate and deceive the public… This one failed and it’s time to move forward… Maybe consider digging your grave—literally—because politically you have gone as far into the hole as possible… LOL

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  1. Give it up already!!! This poor guy! He was presumed guilty before he was even investigated, exonerated, given the position and now they’re going to start all over again. These Dumocrats are going to ruin this country.

  2. It’s time for Judge Kavanaugh file charges on Professor Ford for deformation of corrector. She has no chance in hell of winning the law suite. Until he does that the democrats will ran and hound him to death.

    • HE, as an INJURED PERSON has standing to file ETHIC CHARGES against every senator on the committee.

      And probably every ‘senator’ that voted against him on “RUMOR and INNUENDO” instead of FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE”.

      But THAT would require EVERY democrat on the Ethics Committee to RECUSE THEMSELVES.

      Would they do it, and could it end up in the Supreme Court?

      IF it were to go that far, Justice Kavanaugh would certainly Recuse, and ALL the others would look at the situation from “Could I , or others to follow be treated in the same manner”?

      Just the filing of the Ethics Charges requires INVESTIGATIONS into the backgrounds of every person charged.

      How many would resign and try to disappear into the background? or sneak out of the country?

  3. If there are ethics issues why weren’t they brought up during the confirmation hearings? Another effort by liberals to frustrate conservative control of the SC. They never give up buoy have to give them that.

  4. I also read that Chieif Justice Roberts may have3 been black mailed by the obama Adm. Some one needs to check into that one. I mean when it comes to the dirt bag obama anything is possible.

  5. It is a fairy tale trying to discredit Justice Brett K. again. It won’t happen and the Democrats should give it up. I believe the next thing the Democrats will try is murder. They simply can’t have this Justice calling balls and strikes when they are throwing curve balls from the gutter.

  6. Roberts has an illegal adoption hanging over his head, so this crap is just that….crap. Roberts is being blackmailed to do this.

  7. There needs to be some punitive action against anyone who files a “false” complaint with the court. That would knock off most of these merit less harassment complaints. Glad there will be a competent Judge doing the investigation.

  8. This is a disgrace, and Brett has been put through HELL with democratic senators hiring actors paid by Soros; leave Brett alone PERIOD; it “Seems” as though this is a set up, to do further smears ENOUGH! The charges which I downloaded appear to be made as soon as Ford brough forth her charges!

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