Fellow Feminists Tell Hollywood Snowflake “Hell No” On Sex Strike

Some days it really is gratifying to see the darlings of the left have to get called out by their own. Especially when the leftie being held up for harpooning calls for drastic action that would be wildly unpopular.

Moonbat Alyssa Milano, formerly known as an okay B actress, and now known as a perfectly demented snowflake, reacted to the news that Georgia passed a fetal heartbeat abortion law – if the baby inside the mother has a heartbeat, it lives – by tweeting out a call for all liberal feminists to go on a sex strike. Yes, seriously. Her contention is that if the consequences of sex cannot be undone surgically, then women should not risk getting pregnant.

Milano’s “sex strike” started on Friday, when she tweeted out her call for women to get their “bodily autonomy back” by turning sex into a political bargaining chip: “Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

(There was no mention in any reporting on the similarities of this thought to abstinence education in sex ed, but that’s another story.)

On Monday, Milano reiterated her…request.

Milano co-wrote an op-ed with Waleisah Wilson for CNN published Monday defending her call for women to use their bodies as a pressure tactic to promote a political agenda. Milano promoted the piece on Twitter just after telling women they could “f*** on” if they want, but warning that they might be “thrown in prison” if they choose to abort their unborn children afterward.

“So f*** on! Yes! We’ve earned our right to sexual pleasure,” she tweeted in the last of a seven-part thread. “But remember, they’re also trying to take away our access to birth control. If you get pregnant & exercise your right to choose your own destiny & healthcare, you may be thrown in prison.”

Beginning on Friday, before the oped was published, Milano’s public told her they thought she was nuts.

Of course, there were many responses supporting Milano, some from conservative men who were fully in agreement with her on any number of levels, but the women she was trying to recruit to the cause told Milano to pound sand.

Seeing liberal formations fall apart from time to time is quite satisfying.



  1. Allysa Milano is a nut from the word go. She and all her fruitcake friends in hollyweird are post toasty.

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