Female High School Dance Team Students And Their Adult Coach Pose For ‘Provocative’ Photos Next To A Police Car

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Though it was intended to be a positive community outreach photo shoot for an Illinois High School, the end result was a ‘provocative’ photos going viral on social media.

Two to four female students on the Granite City High School Dance Team took photos by making ‘inappropriate’ poses in front of a police vehicle in which their backs were turned to the camera, both hands up on the car, looking over their shoulder and wearing short skirts while the camera was at a low angle.

Moreover, the girls’ adult coach also joined them in taking photos in which he stands on top of the police van looking over them.

The image was shared on the social media with the caption: ‘if I get sent to the office for ripped jeans I won’t say ****, I’ll just show this to them.’


Granite City School Superintendent Jim Greenwald noted that the photo shoot was intended to include student-athletes from different teams as well as the Granite City Police Department.

‘It was a promotional shoot that should have been where kids could have a lot of fun along with their coaches, along with the police, without anything inappropriate. Just looks like there were some bad decisions that were made here,’ Greenwald said.

He reported to KSDK that when he saw the photos he was ‘very shocked, very disappointed and very surprised’.

‘[I] knew immediately it was very inappropriate and they had crossed the line,’ he added.

One photo shared on social media showed just two girls in the photo, and another showed three girls in the same ‘provocative’ photo, but with a fourth crouched down and seemingly touching two of the girls’ rears.

The coach made his appearance in both photos on top of the car overlooking the dancers.

Superintendent Greenwald noted that the high school principal and athletic director had a meeting with the coach and clarified the photos were appropriate.

Nevertheless, administrators still have to make a decision about whether the students or coach will face any disciplinary actions, according to Greenwald.

‘We can’t take back what took place but we certainly will continue to work to make sure people make better choices.’


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  1. The “short skirts” look like normal dance outfits, a skirt sown onto a leotard with the expectation the skirt will flip up. This is the same way cheerleaders’ outfits are made.

    Next, how old are the girls? If they’re 18, they can pose sans clothes, if they wish – but the school might have something to say about it, if it’s in reference to the school.

    And why does the Granite City PD have a HUMM-V military surplus truck as a police car?? Yeah, Granite City is an Illinois suburb of St. Louis (Furgeson is also a suburb of St. Louis), bit STILL….

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