Florida Police Union Responds To The Miami Dolphins After Players Were Seen Kneeling During The Anthem

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A South Florida police union is protesting the team whose players are kneeling during the anthem, and it’s ready to listen and argue about the ongoing behavior toward U.S. law enforcement.

“It’s all about police officers and police officer brutality against black men … which is absolutely not true,” Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President John Kazanjian told Fox Business Network.


Florida’s Broward County Police Benevolent Association took to Facebook to urge its members to boycott the Miami Dolphins after two players, wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the National Anthem, while defensive end Robert Quinn raised his fist.

Broward County PBA Vice President Rod Skirvin reported Fox News that the protests at the games are the “wrong place, wrong time to do that” and brings a “great pain” for the military veterans and officers.

The police union asked members to boycott the Dolphins and insisted on not purchasing tickets.

“I thought this was going to be a start for law enforcement across the country. I thought we were going to be ground zero,” Kazanjian said. “Except on Thursday night — watching the game — prior to and after, we saw a couple of NFL players kneeling, and that just shot it right down.”

According to a poll conducted by Marist College in January which asked if “professional football athletes playing in the Super Bowl should be required to stand for the National Anthem” or if they should “be allowed to kneel if they choose“, 47 percent of respondents stated that players should be required to stand, while 48 percent of respondents stated players should be allowed to kneel, and 5 percent saying they were unsure.

Among those, 73 percent of Democrats stated that players should be allowed to kneel, while 78 percent of Republicans said players should stand.

However, Kazanjian and the police union are expecting to discuss with the players about their disagreements.

“Hopefully, they can resolve that issue, and we can get on and we can prohibit them from kneeling and we can attend some football games and have a good dialogue — that’s what we want,” Kazanjian said. “We want a dialogue, and whatever their reasons are, we can come to the table also, and we can voice our grievances.”

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  1. I am quite sure that there are police officers who DO commit unprovoked acts of violence against minorities. Police are HUMAN BEINGS and that mean they are not perfect. Anger, frustration, illness, or just plain bad attitude, can lead to excessive violence when doing their job. Remember, that cop might have just pulled a friend out of a mangled automobile, or waded through blood at a murder scene. NO ONE goes unaffected by many of the things police see, and have to do, in the course of their duties.
    That said, the statistics prove beyond a doubt that there is NO organized, or systematic, excess violence toward minorities, UNLESS THEY PROVOKE IT.

    If the police tell you to stop, STOP
    IF they tell you to put you hands behind your head, PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD, Not in your pocket. You might think that it is ‘macho’ to show the cop you don’t have to do what he says, but it could also make you MACHO DEAD.

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