Former Trump Aide Grilled About Her Love Life By Democrats In Closed Door Session

In the show that never ends currently going on in the swamp, we call the nation’s capital, the Democrats in the House of Representatives continue to turn over rocks and look behind curtains trying to find any and all information, real or imagined, related to the Trump for president campaign’s connection with Russia.

On Thursday, the creepy Democrats decided to talk to former aide to President Trump, Hope Hicks, behind closed doors.

Hope Hicks is a very beautiful woman. She has also been rumored to be romantically linked to former Trump campaign chair Corey Lewandowski. So, in the midst of her testimony to the committee where she claimed there was no plan or existing agreement and cooperation with the Russians when it came to communications during the campaign, she also fielded questions about her relationship with Lewandowski, among other suitors.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes had this to say about that.

“The House Intelligence Committee last year had her for many, many hours,” Nunes said. “She has been interviewed by the Senate, she’s been interviewed by the Mueller team. So nobody quite understood why she was back in the U.S. Capitol yesterday doing essentially another deposition.”

“My sources that were inside and did the interviewing said it was quite embarrassing to watch the Democratic Congressmen essentially ask Hope Hicks about her love life,” Nunes told FNC’s Bill Hemmer on Thursday. “I think that’s very bizarre to have a bunch of old, pervy Congressmen asking somebody who has no new information about her love life. I think the American people would be ashamed if they knew what actually happened in that room.”

Most women recognized that what was really going on was a bunch of dirty old men trying to figure out if they had a shot with the lovely Ms. Hicks.

It’s a good bet the answer is “NO!”

Oh, and in other news, no additional information on Trump-Russia was uncovered behind those closed doors.


  1. The stinking dems grill Hope on her love life—— What the hell business is that of the dems investigation. What are they trying to ruin the young ladies reputation for that kind of digging I would have told them to go to hell.!!

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