Fox News Contributor Fired For Tweet Insulting Kavanaugh’s Accusers

Well now, this is interesting…

The popular outspoken Fox News Contributor Kevin Jackson has been fired by Fox News for firing off some Tweets that expressed his view of the three women who have made accusations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kevin Jackson has been a strong supporter of President Trump and his policies from the very beginning and frequently shares his criticism of African-American’s that walk blindly in lock-step with the Democrat Party buying into the nonsense that the Democrats are the only party that promotes policies that favor the African-American community.

This time Kevin Jackson turned his sights on the three women that have alleged a slew of salacious allegations against President Trump’s nominee as the next Supreme Court Justice, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

There were several Tweets that apparently upset his handlers at Fox News such as this one that refers to all three of the female accusers as skanks:

Then there was this one from a couple of days before:

That last one there is funny if you ask me regardless of what you believe… LOL

Fox News terminated Kevin Jackson as soon as they found out about his comments and issued the following statement:

“Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor. His comments on today’s hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of Fox News.”

I’m not sure what Fox News Expected the outspoken Kevin Jackson to do or say, but Jackson was not really happy about their high and mighty self-righteous attitude and decided to air some of the networks dirty laundry when he appeared on the Joe Piscopo radio talk show.

Kevin told the Pro-Trump talk show host that he could have kept his job at Fox if he had been willing to say the right things to smooth things over, but he believes the women are lying skanks and was not about to say anything different.

Kevin went on to point out some of the other “reprehensible” conduct by Fox News personalities that the network has silently ignored.

The first swipe by Kevin was at the former Chief White House Correspondent for the network who was none other than Ed Henry. Kevin revealed that in 2016 Ed Henry was demoted after a leave of absence when he was busted having an extramarital affair with a Las Vegas cocktail waitress.

Kevin also landed a direct hit against Jesse Watters who is currently a host on The Five and has his own weekend show called Waters’ World.  I don’t think this has been discussed on the Fox Network… At least I have not heard it discussed, but Jessie’s wife filed for divorce earlier this year when he was caught having an affair with a female colleague.

This is how Kevin put it during his conversation on the radio show with Joe Piscopo:

“Jesse Watters, who just recently divorced his wife, or is in the process, and he’s hanging out with some young chick that he did. If that’s what Fox decides they want to have on, congratulations to them.”

Personally, I think it was not all that cool to drag Ed Henery and Jessie Watters into his beef with the network, but I guess he felt it was necessary to emphasize the hypocrisy…

In the end, it will not surprise me if his assessment of the three women that have become tools of the Democratic Party turns out to be the only honest opinion anyone in the media has given of them. Other commentators may not be saying it out loud, but I’m pretty sure no one believes the third accuser that The Creepy Porn Lawyer dug up is anything but an attention seeking loon and the other two have nothing to support their stories at all… I’m pretty sure this has been nothing but a character lynching from the beginning myself…

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  1. FOX News Knee jerk reaction is caving into the left. They should have waited till the FBI report was out for Public Consumption and the Truth be known. I guess it is only LSM and Democrat Elite that can do the Name Calling and Character Assassinations and Violent Protests……..Conservatives, Just deal with it.

  2. Kevin Jackson is a straight forward person with crude talk just like Trump. It is what folks want to hear and expect to hear on Fox News. Lying skanks are what they are. Each of them have connections to Hillary and the DNC. Each of them have been caught up in lies and none of them tell the truth. A smear campaign has been successful but I believe they over did it and will woe the day they ever show up in front of this court.

  3. Kevin Jackson is a good man and does not deserve what has happened to him. He understands what the Democrats have done to keep people on the plantation. If we had more outspoken person’s like Kevin perhaps the racism being promoted by the Democrats could be brought to an end.

  4. I am starting to watch One American News Network more than Fox. Fox is starting to get more opinionated and opinions are like butt holes. Every one has one. I need the news and facts.

  5. It appears to mean that the only one who are allowed to have a voice is the LEFT. The RIGHT always are the one who seem to get fired. Roseanne, who also got fired on another station. But yet The View who is the Left can curse bring down whom ever they choose, it is the MOST DEGRADING programe on TV to that level other than the Night Time Talk shows which are no better. As usual I know Fox caters to the left more so it is no surpise. We need more conservative programs to compete.

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