Franklin Graham SLAMMED By Atheist Over Stormy Daniels Comment


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Christians are forever getting slammed for being “hypocritical” by non-believers over issues that really aren’t anyone’s business. Take pornography actress Stormy Daniels contradicting herself with all these allegations that she and President Donald Trump had an affair. (She has also signed written statements that claim this is not true. Which is it?)

The mainstream media has been all over the story – they love sex scandals when Republicans are the ones caught in the vortex whether it happened or not – and they expect all people who adhere to Christian morals to be equally outraged.

They are most confounded that we are not. Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, offers a forgiving explanation.

… I don’t have a concern, in a sense, because these things happened many years ago — and there are much bigger problems in front of us as a nation that we need to be dealing with than other things in his life a long time ago. I think some of these things — that’s for him and his wife to deal with. I think when the country went after President Clinton, the Republicans, that was a great mistake that should never have happened. And I think this thing with Stormy Daniels and so forth is nobody’s business. And we’ve got other business at hand that we need to deal with.

He added:

… On this thing with Stormy Daniels and so forth: This stuff happened 12 years ago. This isn’t behavior that has taken place since he’s been, president. These things happened long before he became president. That doesn’t make it right. And I don’t defend those kinds of relationships he had. But the country knew the kind of person he was back then, and they still made the decision to make him the president of the United States.

One atheist took Graham apart for this stance in a scathing article on Patheos. According to the writer, Trump violated biblical morals. Isn’t that reason enough to condemn him? And why aren’t followers of Christ doing that?

It’s very simple. In the Gospel According to Saint John, when the woman at the well was confronted by Jesus about her adultery, He forgave her and said, “Go forth and sin no more.” In our personal lives, we are, yes, called to be moral people, but we are also called to forgive. That is what gets missed.

Besides, we only have Stormy’s word that the affair happened. And the country is better off with Trump at the helm. America is getting its swagger back.

And really, we don’t care about twelve-year-old gossip when members of the previous administration are wandering around the world undermining President Trump’s foreign policy efforts on our behalf.

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