Liberal Professor Who Sent Scathing Tweet About Barbara Bush Not Laughing Today

Fresno State

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Well, it looks like this imbecile libtard professor bot off more than she could chew this time… And from the looks of her, that is no easy task.

Just in case you missed the first part of this story, Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar thought she would be a smart ass and send a nasty Tweet using the death of the beloved former First Lady Barbara Bush as an opportunity to take a nasty jab and our former President George Bush.

She has since set her Twitter account privacy settings to prevent receiving more of what she deserved that she could stand, but thanks to modern technology, you can’t get rid of anything once it is put on the internet… Here is the Tweet:

Needless to say, after she sent her nasty Tweet out over the internet, she got the attention she was after… Only not the kind she wanted. That led to a few exchanges like seen in the following Tweets:

That’s just a very small sample of the Tweets and she got bombarded with more hate mail than she could handle because one minute she was shooting off her mouth bragging about how she was a tenured professor who could not be fired and the next thing you know her account is set to “Private” and the biography line on her Twitter account read, “Currently on leave from Fresno State.”

Currently on leave huh? I’m going to just take a guess here, but I seriously doubt she decided to just take a few days off… In fact, Fresno State University President Joseph Castro was not exactly thrilled by the comments Tweeted and released the following statement:

“On behalf of Fresno State, I extend my deepest condolences to the Bush family on the loss of our former First Lady, Barbara Bush.

We share the deep concerns expressed by others over the personal comments made today by Professor Randa Jarrar, a professor in the English Department at Fresno State. Her statements were made as a private citizen, not as a representative of Fresno State.

Professor Jarrar’s expressed personal views and commentary are obviously contrary to the core values of our University, which include respect and empathy for individuals with divergent points of view, and a sincere commitment to mutual understanding and progress.”

Joseph I. Castro
University President, Fresno State

Now personally I appreciate that they took the time to issue this statement and as you will see in the video below they have gon all out with the damage control holding a press conference and distancing themselves as far as possible from her and her vile nasty statements.

But let’s be honest here, chances are this is your typical full-blown liberal institution of higher indoctrination and under any other normal situation, a conservative would not be able to get a word in edgewise. They repeat the line that they respect diverse opinions and diverse thoughts and that all voices matter, but in reality, we know that is the last thing liberals believe and promote these days… It is all about silencing and shutting down those that don’t stick to the liberal script.

What is really happening here is quite interesting… They are getting a serious dose of their own medicine finding themselves against the wall in the same way they usually position conservatives. The difference in the way this will go and turn out is that conservatives are understanding and forgiving… We don’t tend to kick people once they have been knocked down.

This nasty walrus looking wench has a long history of spouting off nasty vile Tweets at others and on various topics like she does on issues of Palestine that she is known to radically support. Here is an example of one of those Tweets:

Of course, no liberal loudmouth would be without a tweet or two slinging the race card now, would they?

One of her last moves in yesterday’s Tweet exchange was a real low life move… She posted this Tweet antagonizing people to call her, but the number is to a mental health hotline… Not exactly a line you want to tie up with a silly prank, but one does not have to wonder why she had the phone number readily available…

I will leave you with this final thought… This professor, in case you can’t tell from her Tweet’s, she is an English Literature Professor… Yeah, imagine that… Your child could be educated by something or someone like this… I’m starting to understand why I can’t get thirty seconds of intelligent debate out of a liberal these days…

Here is the groveling Public Relations Department trying to dig the University out of the mess the Professor got them in…

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