Google Sponsors Conservative Projects In Order To Control Movement According To Leaks

When Google comes knocking, sometimes the reason is not just to keep us all connected. According to bombshell audio leaked from internal meetings at the internet giant, Google goes out of its way to sponsor politically conservative conferences and organizations in the United States in order to guide the movement the way they want it to travel.

Thanks to Breitbart:

Google’s senior director of U.S. public policy, Adam Kovacevich appeared to describe the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a “sideshow Circus,” in a leaked audio recording in which he also argued that Google should remain a sponsor of the conference to “steer” the conservative movement “away from nationalistic and incendiary comments.”

The comments came to light in leaked audio files allegedly of a company-wide meeting at Google, part of which is now exclusively reported by Breitbart News. Another part of the transcript was released last Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, while further snippets revealing Google’s funding of establishment conservative think-tanks were published by the left-leaning tech magazine Wired in December.

The alleged meeting took place in the wake of Google’s sponsorship of CPAC in 2018, which triggered an internal rebellion from left-wing employees of the tech giant. Breitbart News exclusively reported on the revolt at the time, in which radical left-wingers inside Google accused CPAC of “ethno-nationalism” and “hate.”

So, not only are the powers that be at Google rigging the search algorithms to bury conservative thought and speech, but they are trying to be the overlords of it as well.

Gee, imagine that.

Google is not confirming that these leaks are truly from one of their meetings, but they are not denying it, either.

In the clips, … Kovacevich portrayed CPAC as a conference with a “dual identity,” one being a “premier gathering” that features a “whole swath of conservatives,” including “national security conservatives, economic conservatives, libertarians, the Log Cabin Republicans, deficit hawks, small government advocates.”

In the audio clip, the other side of CPAC was described in disparaging terms by Kovacevich as featuring a “sideshow circus-like element” which “CPAC organizers have intentionally cultivated sometimes, inviting outrageous figures that say incendiary and offensive things, I think in order to draw more attention and controversy to the conference.”

“I want to be clear that we don’t agree with those things, right?” continued Kovacevich. “We abhor and rebuke the offensive things that are said at the conference. Those things obviously don’t align with Google’s values and our approach.”

“And I think it’s challenging for us to reconcile those two identities of CPAC.”

This was in 2018, before the most recent event when President Donald Trump brought down the house with an epic two hour speech that frequently ventured off script and was very well received by conservatives of all stripes.

Complete transcripts of the audio recordings of the Google meetings are available at Breitbart.

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