Green New Deal Hit With College Students, And Then They Heard Details: WATCH

There is a fairly common narrative out and about in the United States that American youth are pretty flighty and out of it. That is why we call the little darlings “snowflakes.” Any little bit of adversity in not just deed, but thought, sends the young people to their safe spaces for comfort.

Well, that image may not be all that accurate after all.

Campus Reform sent Cabot Phillips to the University of Miami to talk to the students there about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’sGreen New Deal” which has been lampooned by the conservative media, and lawmakers, for being amazingly unrealistic and expensive. While he interviewed the kids, who were initially receptive of the progressive-sounding scheme, the more they heard the details, the more they turned on the whole boondoggle and displayed forward thinking common sense that advocates of the Green New Deal obviously do not have.

Regarding the goal to eliminate the use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels — coal, natural gas, oil — within ten years, many of the students expressed their disapproval. One woman said doing so in that time frame wouldn’t be “feasible,” while a male student worried about the “economic impact” such an “extreme” measure would have on global markets, while another simply said it “sounds like a reach.”

On the topic of providing economic security to those unwilling to work, the students were in agreement that doing so would be unfair to those who do work and contribute to society.

“If you are not willing to contribute to society, I don’t think that the people who are contributing should pay for you. So I disagree with that,” one young man said. His friend sitting across the table added, “Everyone needs to contribute. That’s the only way that society works.”

When it came to eliminating all air travel in favor of high-speed rail within ten years, students called such a goal “drastic” and “extreme.” While one student said he liked the idea of more travel options, he said eliminating air travel altogether isn’t the right way to go.

One student simply replied with a shake of his head, “I can’t see that happening, honestly.”

Frankly, these sentiments are refreshing to see from the nation’s future. Watch as they learn and think on their feet.


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