Greenland Offer On Hold For Now

Over the weekend, when President Donald J. Trump floated the idea that the United States would be interested in purchasing Greenland from Denmark, shockwaves were sent around the world. How DARE the United States even joke about such a thing.

Well…for those who have watched President Trump demonstrate the Art of the Deal on a global and political scale, it was pretty obvious that we were seeing the second or third volley in negotiations. This was not the opening salvo. Not by a long shot. The deal was most likely on the table, and the Danes needed to answer.

On Tuesday, the answer came. Denmark is not selling. That being the case, President Trump cancelled his trip to the nation that was scheduled for the end September.

There’s no point in going to Denmark if the deal is tabled for now.

The thing about Greenland is that strategically for defense purposes, it is a desirable location to possess, not just for the United States but for global aggressors China and Russia as well. Sooner or later, Denmark is going to have to make a decision on which of the nations determined to have their prize of an island which is bigger than their country is going to get it. The place is a drain on their economy, and despite home rule, Greenlanders get a lot of freebees.

That would most likely change if the United States were to purchase the island, but what would not is the safety and security of the people living there. The US really is not an aggressive nation on a military level despite past activity. It would be worth the while of not just Denmark, but the rest of the civilized world to step back and think about the offer just withdrawn against the idea that China or Russia could step in and just take Greenland without any compensation at all.

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