Greg Gutfeld Snaps On Juan Williams, Threatens To Throw Him Off The Set

In American life, political theater includes the daily news grind. The 24/7 in your face, all news all the time, the talking heads telling the people what and how to think about the events of the day, and of course the bantering round tables that really are more about entertainment than news. Shows like Fox’s “The Five.

Normally, the five people seated around that round table are pretty affable and get along, but on Wednesday, thanks to the Michael Cohen fiasco things got heated between the show’s host, Greg Gutfeld, and the nice, but really airheaded in house liberal Juan Williams.

When Williams and co-host Dana Perino began discussing Trump’s “pattern” of using the “catch-and-kill” strategy to kill unflattering stories of him, Gutfeld slammed Williams for failing to let panelist Morgan Ortagus talk.

“Gosh, are you guys gonna ever let me finish!” exclaimed Williams.

“No, because you’re always ‘finishing’!” said Gutfeld. “There’s somebody sitting there who hasn’t said a damn word!”

“You are so deep in the bunker and—” Williams began, but Gutfeld, clearly livid, cut him off.

“Oh shut up, Juan!” yelled Gutfeld. “I’m in nobody’s ‘bunker.’ Enough with your ‘bunker’—! I’m trying to be polite to somebody on the panel, Juan — which you won’t do, which you won’t do!”

Juan sniffed in disgust, “Oh my god.”

Later, as Jesse Watters dismisses Cohen’s testimony as having failed to provide any meaningful new evidence, Williams drops his “bunker” reference again. This time, Gutfeld goes nuclear.

“Again, you’re so blind, because you, like Greg, are deep in the bunker.”

“You know, if you say that again, I’m going to throw you off the set,” says Gutfeld, apparently serious.

“Oh no!” Williams says mockingly.

“Because you know what the bunker means?” says Gutfeld, leaning in and pointing at him across the table. “What your intimating is that who is in the bunker? Adolf Hitler, correct?”

For those who can stomach it as it unfolded:

This is the state of political rhetoric in America. Say something negative about a perceived liberal hero and get called racist or Adolph Hitler. All honesty in discussion appears to be gone.

Sad that such a casualty is part of free speech in America.


  1. Everybody is tired of Juan and his liberal opinions. Juan never agrees with anybody. NEVER !
    I turn fox off half the time because of him. It does not matter what you say , Juan has a different opinion and in fact that your opinion is dead wrong.
    I love ” The Fuve ” , Four would be better

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