Hags From The View Put Leftist Obama Vs Trump Hypocrisy On Display

When the picture of the woman with the children running away from smoke at the U.S. Mexican border appeared, the headlines screamed that the military was throwing tear gas at the migrants including women and children.

(The smoke in the picture has been determined to be from a smoke canister, not tear gas.)

The talking heads went ballistic. How could the Trump administration do this? White House Press Secretary countered the questions with the answer that, well, the Obama administration did it, too.

This, of course, prompted the lefties to go looking for proof that that didn’t happen. Much to their chagrin, they found proof that it did.

The coven over at The View actually talked about this and a Breitbart article addressing the topic:

In a segment on ABC’s “The View” talking about the recent incident where tear gas was used on migrants who threw rocks at U.S. Border Patrol agents, conservatives Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain highlighted the media’s hypocrisy in their coverage for largely ignoring worse actions from the Obama administration….

“Do they have a photo like that when Obama was in office?” Behar asked while showing a picture of a woman running from tear gas with her two kids.

“Homeland Security data does validate that, that it happened multiple times, more than once a month, in fact, during the Obama years,” McCain responded.

Huntsman went even further, saying: “In that piece, it said over a period of four months in 2014 under the Obama years HHS allegedly placed a number of unaccompanied children into the hands of a ring of human traffickers, who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Ohio, leading to a federal and criminal indictment. According to the indictment, the minors victims were forced to work six and seven hours a week, 12 hours per day. These are the things we don’t talk about.”


Did this silence the lefties? No.

Hostin exploded.

“The last I checked President Obama is no longer in office,” Hostin said, as she became visibly angry. “President Trump is in office!”

“And he’s destroying the country!” Behar added.

“I don’t care what Obama did!” Hostin continued. “I care what Trump is doing right here right now!”

So, it’s okay if Obama does it, but not if Trump does even if the smoke in question was incorrectly labeled tear gas.

The mental gymnastics are making this writer tired.


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