Headline Grabbing Mass Shootings Yield Same Mantra On Gun Control

It’s becoming more than a familiar refrain in the United States. Anytime there is a shooting where more than four people die in a crowded area that happens to be a “gun-free zone,” the cries for more gun control, and a ban on “assault weapons” happens.

Over the weekend, two highly publicized mass shootings occurred within hours of each other. The first was in El Paso, Texas, where open carry of firearms is practically expected except in “gun-free zones.” The second was in Dayton, Ohio, at a nightclub of sorts. The final details of both incidents are being sorted out as of this writing, but the reality is that no matter how many laws are put into place, these shootings are not stopping. An individual commenting on a Citizen Free Press piece made this observation.

Name just one law that prevented the next shooting?

1968 – Charles Whitman shooting gave us the Gun Control Act
1981 – John Hinckley shooting gave us the Brady Act
1994 – Patrick Purdy shooting gave us the Assault Weapons Ban
2008 – Seung-Hui Cho shooting gave us NICS Improvement Act
2018 – Nickolas Cruz shooting gives us Bans on Bump Stocks?

51 YEARS and 22,500 gun laws and never once did they prevent the next shooting.

And that is the main point to counter the renewed calls for “gun control” and “assault weapons” bans. They plain and simply are not preventing these tragic shootings.

That is not stopping the usual suspects doing what is all but reflexive at this point. What is happening now, though, with so many shootings having happened in a relatively short span of time, is any call for the repeal of gun-free zones that end up being shooting galleries against innocent people who are unarmed, and therefore sitting ducks.

And yet all we seem to see is headlines like those found on the New York Post screaming for a ban on “assault weapons.”

That is not going to stop any of this insanity.

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