Hillary Clinton, Please Just Go Away, Tweets A Protest To Save ObamaCare


Hillary Clinton needs to find a hobby. Something like what former President George W. Bush did and start painting or something. Really. She needs to do this and get out of our hair. Why? Because she has enough time on her hands to tweet stuff like this:

What she is referring to is the administration joining the state of Texas in a lawsuit claiming the ObamaCare individual mandate – and the fine for not having insurance – is unconstitutional. Yes, we’ve already gone this route once, and somehow Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t see this, but there’s always second chances, and this time, the government really wants to toss the pre-existing condition requirement as well.

How that is going to shake out will be interesting to watch, but we really don’t need Hillary Clinton stirring the pot on the healthcare front. Yes, people with pre-existing conditions should be able to find health coverage or somehow be eligible for charitable funds, but it is very much against the freedoms enshrined in our founding documents to force insurance companies to take on these people at what will most likely be a loss.

Not that Hillary and company care. Oh, no. The Democrats had been trying to get cradle to grave health care enshrined in U.S. law for a hundred years. As soon as they had both houses of Congress and the White House, the bill was rammed through and the people told that it would need to be passed for us to know what was in it. (Nancy Pelosi, there’s another woman who needs a hobby.)

The fact that the majority of Americans didn’t want the government controlling their healthcare decisions never dawned on these people.

And now Hillary Clinton is tweeting smack about the duly elected administration doing what her basket of deplorables elected them to do.

Yeah, Hillary, please, go away. Enjoy your grandchildren. Take up golf. Something. We rejected you, and it’s time for you to fade from the limelight.

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