Hillary’s Attempt To Respond To The Kavanaugh Accusation Has Blown Up In Her Face


Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has been impressive on the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when being interviewed with MSNBC. She was immediately called out by a woman who had filed charges against her husband of the same thing.

From Truth Feed News:

Asked by host Rachel Maddow if Democrats should play the kind of “hardball” Republicans played with blocking the Merrick Garland nomination, or “just go through regular order with whoever Trump has to put up next if the Kavanaugh nomination fails,” Clinton called for neither “unilateral disarmament or Defcon-10.” What she really wanted to see, she made clear, was an investigation.

“I remember back in the Thomas hearing when Senator Byrd was asked what he was going to do, and he said in a situation like this we should give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country,” she said. “And that’s what the Republicans should be doing right now, from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Senate, give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country. And that means to have an investigation that will then lead to a hearing that will then lead to a vote if appropriate.”

Republicans have offered Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, the chance to testify in a public or private hearing on Monday, an offer her lawyer currently says she will not accept, demanding an FBI investigation first. An investigation into Ford’s accusation by the FBI, Clinton told MSNBC, is “a reasonable request.”

“The White House could answer [Ford’s request] very quickly by asking the FBI to reopen its background check and to take into account the accusation that’s been made and to gather the evidence about what can be known. So far, they haven’t done that,” she said. “And as someone who has watched this process unfold over many years, there does have to be some direction given to the FBI to pursue an investigation.”

Clinton’s comments have elicited some strong responses, including from Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick, who maintains that Bill raped her and Hillary threatened her to remain quiet:

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  1. How about the time, when Hillary was an attorney who thrash a 12 year old girl, who was raped by a vicious guy..She had the poor girl on the stand, to admit that she enjoyed being rape and that she loved older men.. That she was the one to make the first move..And after that was over, the rapist was released..She recorded with the other lawyers laughing about the whole thing and that she won..Hillary must have been born mentally ill..

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