Hollywood Weirdo David Cross Adds Violence Against President Trump To His Act

Actor David Cross is weird. There is no other way to say it. When portraying a part, all actors put a lot of themselves into the performance and Cross’s Tobias Funke in “Arrested Development” epitomized the word “weird.” Now the weirdo and “stand-up comic” is performing within the country talking about urinating and defecating on President Donald Trump as well as beating him to a bloody pulp.

His surprisingly long set — which ran just 10 minutes short of two hours — included humor about abortion, Nazis, the Holocaust, terrorist bombings, AIDS and beating President Donald Trump to a bloody pulp and then urinating and defecating on him. …

Cross didn’t back away from the topic. He said he’d never before seen the words “underwear” and “sacred” in unison, “but when they’re put together, they’re hilarious.”

He said the controversy “was just a reminder of how thrilled and satisfied and happy it makes me to know that I will never be affected by a photoshopped picture of a dude in long johns that you can get at a Target. You can go to a Target and get something that looks very similar.”

He also joked – in Salt Lake City – about Mormon garments, which is what got him into hot water there, and was the true subject of a Salt Lake Tribune article.

His words regarding President Trump, abortion, and all the rest, are just more proof that this actor is completely out of touch with his audience. For the majority of Americans, these are not laughing matters, and talking about beating the president to a bloody pulp should warrant a visit from the Secret Service.

Breitbart points out that Cross is not alone in the escalation of words and other forms of communication against President Trump and his administration.

Violent rhetoric and fantasies about President Trump are becoming more common among celebrities. Actor Jim Carrey recently tweeted a drawing of Trump being burned at the stake — just days after he released art of Trump being hanged by the American flag.

Something must be in the water out in Hollywood for this level of violence and hatred to come from people who claim to be peaceful. Doesn’t matter. A lot of us in the heartland are boycotting their products and offerings. Maybe now that the threats are out in the open others will join us.

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