How Dare You?!’: Kellyanne Conway Challenges CNN Anchor After He Insults Entire White House Staff


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White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, made her appearance on CNN on Thursday, where she had a crabby exchange with anchor, Chris Cuomo, who found fault with the White House’s ethics.

The two were having a discussion about the payment President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, transferred to film adult star, Stormy Daniels, before the election.

After Cuomo played a clip of Trump reportedly talking about the payment with Cohen, Conway asked him to play the audio of his own conversation with Cohen.
Cuomo, who said Cohen recorded him without his consent, said he wouldn’t play the audio because he had “integrity,” unlike the White House.

“I’ll tell you why — because there’s a little difference between you and me and the shop you’re working for: Integrity,” he said.

Cuomo maintained that he had integrity since although Cohen did him “wrong,” that wouldn’t stop him to respect the fact that the conversation was off the record.

Conway shot back, asking, “How dare you?!”

“How dare me?!” Cuomo asked, before telling Conway she should admit that Trump lied about his knowledge of the Daniels payment.

Watch their exchange below:

Cuomo noted that even though Conway was his “friend,” she was “disappointing” him and she lied “all the time.”

Conway also claimed that Americans don’t consider the White House credible since CNN is so bias in its reporting. “All they hear is how terrible we all are — that we lack integrity, that we lie,” she said.

“CNN interfered in the election daily,” Conway also said, noting how the network doubted Trump’s potential to win the presidency.

Their exchange occurred immediately after Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and accused that Trump gave him directions to pay off Daniels in order to influence the election.

Trump, however, has refuted any claims of infringing any laws and said that the payment to Daniels came out of his own funds, not the campaigns:

“They didn’t come out of the campaign. They came from me,” he told Fox News earlier this week.

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  1. Trump and his administration firmly believe that lying is like oxygen, they can’t live without it. A few simple, incontrovertible facts, Jared Kushner, Donnie, Jr., and Jeff Sessions ALL LIED under oath about meetings and conversations with Russians.

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